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Thanksgiving Pound Cake

Other than making a pumpkin pound cake, does anyone else do one that's good for the season? No nuts would be best but almonds and peanuts are okay. I don't know why I have this in my head but just felt like making one. Thanks!

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  1. The pastel vasco cake recipe could probably be tailored to a more seasonal fruit than blackberries. I haven't made it yet but hear it is amazing. I think it seems similar to a pound cake...

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      That sounds good and I could vary the compote based on what I have. Thanks!

    2. Eggnog pound cake. I make it through New Year's, and it's always well received.

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        Is it w/ eggnog spices or w/ eggnog in it? Eggnog is really sugar, eggs, cream/milk, nutmeg/spices which are similar to what's in pound cake. I did find this which looks good. Currants and rum:


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          Both, spices & eggnog. Sometimes I gild the lily and add coconut, too.

      2. Make a turkey stuffing pound cake. The perfect blend of sweet and savory.

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          Like pound cake batter poured over stuffing?

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            No. Like stuffing spices incorporated into pound cake batter and baked.

            Think salt, pepper, garlic, thyme, onions, sage, celery etc.

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              Maybe we could do stuffing pancakes the next morning w/ cranberry sauce.

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                I just had "Thanksgiving stuffing cookie" which was surprisingly tasty. That's what gave me the idea.

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                  i saw stuffing waffles on serious eats, lol.

          2. Classic Rum Cake is really sort of a pound cake and very tasty and festive.

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              Funny, that was my first thought and it'll be my fall back but I've done it often.

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                Yeah, oldie but goodie...maybe change it up? Brandy instead of rum and dried cherries and/or apricots included?

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                ++ on the Rum cake; another cake I love to do is caramel apple pound cake with a crumble on top

              3. Faulknerian Family Spice Cake - it's basically a pound cake with spices and a caramel icing:

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                  Caramel frosting sounds great. Maybe I could do an apple bundt-like cake w/ that. Too many good ideas. Good thing pound cake isn't mostly a Thanksgiving thing.

                2. I have a good recipe for Sweet Potato Pound Cake if you'd like that.

                  A couple of weeks ago I freestyled a recipe for cornmeal pound cake by subbing maple syrup for some of the sugar, coconut oil for some of the butter, and chickpea flour for some of the flour. It's really good and I wrote fown the changes but am not sure where.....

                  If you haven't tried toasting your pound cake, it's a revelation.
                  Then top it with ice cream and caramel or maple drizzle.

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                    That sounds good, too but I'm already doing sweet potatoes. Do you toast each slice of pound cake? I wonder if it would be good to pull out my panini press and do that...

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                        Maybe I'll do that, for a change, w/ the panini press and different toppings. Thanks.

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                      Toasted pound cake is yummy - so is toasted angel food cake.

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                        I'm leaning towards this idea w/ ice cream and salted caramel sauce and melted ganache on the side. I think the kids would love it.

                        1. re: chowser

                          *You* will love it. As greygarious said, it's a revelation. (I love it with warmed preserves of just about any sort and a drizzle of heavy cream or even softened butter, and a sweet/tart cranberry relish with ginger and orange would be so good. (And I'm calculating whether a family of 7 really needs three pies PLUS a poundcake now.)

                    2. Thanks to everyone for the help. We host a semi-potluck for my inlaws (there are about 30 of them and few offer to host this so it usually end up w/ us) and we told everyone what we'd be making, including dessert. My SIL who doesn't bake just told me she's bringing desserts. Most likely frozen Sara Lee stuff. Don't get me started on this. But I will be doing these recipes, just not for Thanksgiving. Thanks!

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                        Maybe you can get away with toasting the SL poundcake, if that's what shows up. It WILL improve it, even if it's then served plain. Perhaps you could ask her for poundcake and vanilla ice cream, then add whatever you have on hand as toppings: syrup, canned fruit, preserves....

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                          I'm not sure what kind of cake she's bringing. She said assorted. I've learned over the years just to let her do her own thing. I'll supplement the other things but we'll probably save the pound cake idea for immediate family. I just saw a s'more one, where you do marshmallow in between, press in the panini maker and dip in ganache. That sounds too good not to try!

                      2. And now I have to make pound cake today, got the butter warming on the counter as I type LOL