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Thanks Chowhound NYC for Txikito

middleagedfoodie Nov 22, 2013 01:43 AM

Philly hound here who is always in search of things I can't get in my home city. Txikito was just great for a moderately priced interesting dinner. Interesting wine list too with Basque wines I've never seen before. Loved all except the white asparagus with chopped egg which were just OK, but our starch and meat centric order needed a veg. We had the little olive and anchovy bite, the chorizo and quail egg on toast, the croquettas, the lamb meatballs, the crispy potatoes with a delicious mayo and a special, a shrimp nudo. For dessert, the cheese tray with a Basque (I think) dessert wine. Yum!

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  1. v
    VaPaula RE: middleagedfoodie Nov 22, 2013 07:03 AM

    Thanks for the report, sounded delicious. I'll be there tomorrow night!

    While it's from the French part of the Basque, I am really hoping they have Irouléguy wines (no wine list on the website) - love those.

    1. Steve R RE: middleagedfoodie Nov 24, 2013 12:18 PM

      Glad you liked it. Next visit, come to Brooklyn & try La Vara -- same owners/chef but a different style.

      1. k
        kathryn RE: middleagedfoodie Feb 9, 2014 08:48 PM

        Had a nice snowy dinner here tonight. Some Gilda's (anchovy, olive, guindilla pepper), cured pork shoulder sliced thinly with a fava bean purée, roasted endive with blue cheese and walnuts, blistered peppers, warm king oyster mushroom carpaccio with almonds and cheese, the squid ribbons, and roasted lamb leg.

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          middleagedfoodie RE: kathryn Feb 10, 2014 12:21 PM

          I was in Manhattan again yesterday for the cold and snow and had 2 outstanding meals, breakfast at Forager Table and dinner at Mailano. I'm convinced the only reason I could get a res there was because it was a Sunday. Gotta get back to Txikito when it's warmer. It's so far from everything I do in NYC and too cold to walk in this crazy weather.

          1. re: middleagedfoodie
            kathryn RE: middleagedfoodie Feb 10, 2014 01:44 PM

            It's convenient located near the High Line in the spring/summer/fall. :)

            1. re: kathryn
              VaPaula RE: kathryn Feb 11, 2014 06:17 AM

              We walked from the Pearl Theatre (42nd & 11th) to Txikito in cold & wet snow back in November. My husband was ready to kill me, but we were rewarded with a lovely dinner in cozy space with great service. I think the quail egg with chorizo on toast was my favorite. I could eat that for breakfast every day. Blood sausage (morcilla) was great, too.

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