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Nov 21, 2013 09:41 PM

Probably the thousand time this has been asked...any lunch recommendations in Santa Barbara

SB is one of my favorite places, but I have not been in a couple years. We are driving through on pre-turkey day and I would appreciate any early lunch/ late breakfast recommendations. I am looking for nothing in particular, but good food and a relaxed atmosphere. I know I am being very broad, but just curious to hear people's favs! Thanks in advance.

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  1. If it is a great day to be outdoors, my first choice would be Scarlett Begonia in the Victoria Courtyard - State and West Victoria. Parking in the back.

    Renaud's French Bakery is another superb breakfast/lunch place in two location - Arlington Court opposite the Arlington Theater and in the Loreto Plaza Shopping Center off East Las Positas.

    The venerable Anderson's Bakery on State Street near La Aarcada still holds forth for their Danish breakfast and lunch special and wonderful people watching outdoor tables under the arcade.

    Splurge lunch would be to visit the newly opened El Encanto Hotel because if you know Santa Barbara, you know this place gives you the best city views. Less glamourous but a good solid lunch spot is the Cafe Stella on the Las Positas Hill by the golf course or their sister restaurant Stella Mares by the Bird Refuge.

    Tre Lune is another good choice on Coast Village Road. Or get in line at La Superica for the #15 special - melted cheese and bacon in fresh tortillas with pico de gallo.

    Down home, you can't beat the Supercuca's Super Nachos on Micheltorena and San Andres.

    Or, or, or ………. so many choices and some new ones down by the beach and in the funk zone. May not be for lunch though.

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      Thank you for your recommendations.

    2. Depending on which way you are driving through, the Shoals Island Grill Restaurant in Las Conchitas, south of Santa Barbara is always such a refreshing stop for the ocean views and quiet seaside ambiance. Food some what basic but the setting just can't be duplicated anywhere along this part of the coast for being so close to the freeway.

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