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Nov 21, 2013 06:59 PM

THE BEST Burger I have tasted - Patty N Franks on Danforth

WOW. I am not a huge fan of the burger in general. I think of it as a hunk of meat on bread. I normally prefer Asian, Singaporean, Korean, Indonesian, Pakistani/Frontier Food, Turkish, etc... But this burger was awesome.

I think it was a 'signature' burger. They upgraded our burgers gratis.

The meat tastes like homemade, from scratch made fresh top grade.

The bun was a brioche and a good array of toppings

I have tasted Holy Chuck, Burger's Priest, Stompers, etc. This is THE BEST by FAR.

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    1. "I am not a huge burger fan in general" you lost me.

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      1. re: ThoughtForFood

        I am a huge burger fan in general and I can say that the place is mediocre at best. It's not horrible, and I certainly wouldn't begrudge someone for liking it, but to say it's the best burger in Toronto (or EVER) is absurd.