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Nov 21, 2013 05:57 PM

Good quality rib roast. Where to buy.

Instead of turkey this Thanksgiving, I decided to do prime rib with cognac cream demi-glace, mashed potatoes, etc.

I have never cooked a prime rib before, but I got a good recipe on YouTube. Anyway, as I am trying to impress the in-laws (again), I am going to spare no expense. My first thought was Lunds/Byerlys/Whole Foods/TJ's, etc., but I would prefer an even higher quality than what they might offer.

Any suggestions? Also, this needs to feed *gasp* 30 people.

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  1. Clancey's, if quality is all that matters.

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    1. re: getgot211

      I hate to think of the price there for that many people, though!

      1. re: sandylc

        I bet it would be cheaper than the $24 lunds price

          1. re: mitch cumstein

            <<<<< I bet it would be cheaper than the $24 lunds price>>>>

            It's really hard to say without checking. Stores love to charge big prices for beef these days, and yet the quality is such that my dad would be disgusted.

            I love many things at Clancey's and promote them to others, but you have to shop carefully there.

            1. re: mitch cumstein

              Lund's actually has standing beef rib roasts on sale for $9.99/lb the next week. At least the one on University does.

              We take these opportunities to have them carve steaks off the roasts and we dry age them in the beer fridge.

              The roast is already rubbed with something unless the OP wants exactly what they rubbed on it (or perhaps they have unrubbed quantity as well)...

              It's USDA Choice though, not Prime. Lund's doesn't carry Prime beef anymore unfortunately.

              1. re: Foureyes137

                I'm curious as to your method of dry aging them? Is it as simple as leaving it in the fridge? Set it, forget it kind of thing? Can you tell the difference by a large margin?

                1. re: phokingood

                  It dries some of the water out, thus concentrating the flavor a bit, and alters the flavor somewhat, as well. Google Alton Brown's dry aging process for more info.

                  1. re: sandylc

                    Thanks much, just check all of his vids out. Love that Guy. Going to try this sometime.

                  2. re: phokingood

                    That simple. I use an Irwin locking clamp to hang it from a shelf by the bone (you don't want it resting on it's side), leave it there for 1-3 weeks.

                    Due to the fat content, you'll want to make sure there isn't anything odoriferous in the can definitely taste and feel a difference.

          2. Do you have a budget in mind? This could get pricey. Don't get something like this at TJ's. A good place to try would be the Wedge Co-op - we have gotten some very fine rib roasts there for past Christmas dinners. Kowalski's would be another good bet.

            1. Another definite "no" to TJs for fine meats. I would go with Byerly's-Lunds or Whole Foods. I would check Von Hansen's in Highland as well.

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              1. re: gryffindor249

                another vote for no TJ's for protein!
                also was not impressed with rib steaks from Von Hansen's

                stay on the look out for grass fed beef, no matter the cut.
                you will pay more but be more satisfied

                so much "beefier" than corn fed critters...

              2. I recently paid $24 / lb for dry-aged rib roast on the bone at Lund's. It was very very good.

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                1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                  But at that price couldn't you buy a used fridge, put it in the garage and dry-age a rib roast yourself? Seems really spendy per pound for a a bone on roast.

                  (If you had feed 30 people ? (ouch).)

                  1. re: dalewest

                    Dale, I agree it was really expensive. But it was very good meat and a double-birthday celebration occasion, so what the heck.

                    Boneless, not aged, choice grade could be had at Restaurant Depot for like $6 or $7 / lb. I've had it. Not bad. But not as good as the spendy stuff.

                    1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                      Wish I qualified for a membership there - I'd love to shop there at least once - more for equipment than food, but who knows what I'd find.

                      1. re: sandylc

                        FWIW: *Restaurant Depot is wholesale only. To qualify for a free membership account, on your first visit you need to show a valid reseller's permit (business license) or tax-exempt certificate (for a non-profit organization) and show proof that you are authorized to purchase for said business or organization.


                        Seems to me a person could easily incorporate their own catering business for about $135 in filing fees.


                        1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                          You can also go there if you are a member of the Kansas City BBQ Society. It is only $35.

                        2. re: sandylc

                          Restaurant Depot in Brooklyn Center is open to the public. only way the city would let them open up!

                          1. re: mnlakesman30

                            Are you positive? I can't find anything at their website or on the interwebs about this..

                            I'd love to shop there, but it's a drive and I'd hate to be turned away!

                              1. re: sandylc

                                You could call them and ask: (763) 561-0303

                                  1. re: sandylc

                                    yes i am positive. stop by counter inside door you need a guest pass to check out as thats how they are set up, but yes spread the word open to public. many times they have overstock have bought 80/20 for .99 and lots of deli meats and cheese around $2 lb.