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Nov 21, 2013 05:26 PM

cake emulsifier in bay area?

trying to make some southeast asian desserts this weekend that call for it (common brands are Ovalette and Quick 75) - does anyone know if there's any markets where i can get these? was thinking of trying ranch 99, but wanted to see if anyone had seen these anywhere....

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  1. I've seen Ovalette in either Marina or Lions, but not in Ranch 99. You can find them in the Indonesian aisle.

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    1. re: Mul

      thanks. anywhere in sf or closer to sf? seems like closest location of either is in san mateo

      1. re: vulber

        I don't know any place near SF, but might worth a try in Pacific Supermarket in Daly City.

        You can also get it online:

        I saw few months ago in Lion Supermarket in Saratoga Ave, San Jose.

        What kind of desserts are you making?

        1. re: Mul

          out of curiosity, what makes you recommend pacific supermarket? wasn't familiar with it, and went to look it up and got some dreadful yelp reviews, mostly along the lines of it being a lower-quality ranch 99.

          1. re: vulber

            Probably because Pacific has more Filipino and Southeast Asian products than Ranch 99 does and it's closer to the City than Lion or Marina. If you're buying a packaged product, I would think that actual availability matters more than the niceties of the place of purchase.

            ETA: There's also Manila Oriental Market in the Excelsior. I've not been there before so no clue about the product you're seeking.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              got it, thanks. they're both pretty close to each other (pacific and ranch 99) so i suppose i could check out both.

              thanks for all the suggestions, everyone.

    2. Different city, but it might have useful info. By specifying Ovalette you are well ahead of the Canadians in this search. I've been meaning to look at my 99, either the baking items section or the SE Asia aisle.