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Nov 21, 2013 03:51 PM

A compiled list of Austin restaurants sorted by ratings...thoughts?

Last I checked, I'm no Bill Shakespeare, especially after my wine, but I can still get snobbishly annoyed with Yelp or any other food blog reviews that lack content or contain clunky attempts to sound brilliant (choking on my hypocrisy). However, to be fair - I generally enjoy nearly every 4.5 to 5 star rated restaurant in Austin if enough (say more than 30) folks have reviewed it. Since we really have no such metric here, and because it can have at least some utility, I thought I'd put down a list. They stopped at 1,000 listings so I couldn't get the ones below the three star range. A similar list of ones and twos would probably be interesting too. Any disagreements with the ratings? One worst, five best. Showing most of the 4.5's and 5's.

Melvin's - 5 stars
Garbo's Lobster Truck - 5
Taqueria Don Mario - 5
Svante's Stuffed Burgers - 5 (only 16 reviews so far)
Shhmaltz - 5

Hey you gonna eat or what? - 4.5
Pachamama's Peruvian - 4.5
Via 313 - 4.5 (202 reviews!)
Franklin - 4.5 (1160 reviews)
Stonehouse Wood Fire Grill - 4.5
The Pizza Shop - 4.5
Patrizi's Italian - 4.5
La Fruta Feliz - 4.5
Tucci's Southside Subs - 4.5
Turf n Surf Po Boy - 4.5
Way South Philly - 4.5
Uchi - 4.5
Uchiko - 4.5
Carillon - 4.5
Taste of Ethiopia - 4.5
Soto - 4.5
Stony's Pizza - 4.5
Al Pastor Taco Stand - 4.5
Lucky's Puccias - 4.5
Arlo's - 4.5
Little Deli - 4.5
The Halal Guys - 4.5
Sarah's Mediterranean Grill - 4.5
Pueblo Viejo - 4.5
Micklethwait Craft Meats - 4.5
El Pollo Rico - 4.5
La BBQ - 4.5
Voss Fish and Grill - 4.5
Regal Ravioli - 4.5
Dock and Roll - 4.5
Tony's Jamaican - 4.5
Maoz - 4.5
Home Slice - 4.5
Marcelino Pan Y Vino - 4.5
La Michoacana Meat Market - 4.5
Bufalina - 4.5
Tortilleria Rio Grande - 4.5
Kebabalicious - 4.5
Luke's Inside Out - 4.5
Inka Chicken - 4.5
Barley Swine - 4.5
Conscious Cravings - 4.5
Sarku Japan - 4.5
Soco Burgers - 4.5
Joe's Place - 4.5
Tapas Bravas - 4.5
Pita Fusion - 4.5
Llama's Peruvian - 4.5
Noble Pig - 4.5
Henri's - 4.5
Bar Congress - 4.5
Gourmands - 4.5
Cafe Java - 4.5
Jack Allens - 4.5
Chez Nous - 4.5
Eddie V's - 4.5
Three Little Pigs - 4.5
Tan My Viet - 4.5
La Flor - 4.5
The Best Wurst - 4.5
Giovanni's Pizza - 4.5
Fishey Bizness Seafood - 4.5
Brown's BBQ - 4.5
Wasota African Cuisine - 4.5
Taco More - 4.5
Dai Due Farmer's Market Stand - 4.5
Gemma Love Caribbean - 4.5
DK Sushi - 4.5
Baguette et Chocolat - 4.5
TacoDeli = 4.5
La Patisserie - 4.5
Donut Taco Palace III - 4.5
Torchy's - 4.5
Short Bus Subs - 4.5
Mi Ranchito - 4.5

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  1. wow, you eat out a LOT more then I do (didn't think that was possible!). you didn't list asiana which I would give 4.5. I love dk sushi and el pollo rico but I wouldn't rate them that high (dk is way below uchi/ko and rico is very inconsistent). also didn't list el taco rico which I would give 5 for their 'coa.

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      oh this is the list from Yelp. I haven't been to probably a third of those places (e.g. gemma love). I agree, hard to compare restaurant to restaurant in many respects. I too put El Taco Rico at 5 for their barbacoa and like it a lot more than tacodeli, even though I've enjoyed tacodeli's pork belly tacos immensely. and their habanero sauce. I think though I can understand giving a place 4.5 stars for giving you what you want at that moment. When I'm needing a duck breakfast benedict, I could easily see Dai Due delivering me a 4.5 breakfast, but that doesn't mean I'd prefer it to Uchiko for its kitchen's skill in general.

    2. Well, this has made me painfully aware of how few places I've tried.

      Of the above I have, I would disagree with:
      Llama - do.not.like
      Taco Deli - It's good, but like a 3 good
      Jack Allens - Loved it the first time I went and the next three times was completely underwhelmed
      Way South, Hey You Gonna and Short Bus are fine, but again about a 3 good
      I'd rate Uchiko and Franklins as close to a five as I can get (there's always room for improvement)
      Of the 5 list, I've only had Melvin's and would enthusiastically agree.
      I don't see the attraction to Torchy's, but my husband craves them constantly.

      1. You hinted at the problem with Yelp reviews. When, for example, only one person reviews a place, that rating should carry far less weight than an equal rating given by a hundred people. Perhaps someone with a keener grasp of statistics than I have could come up with some more revealing way to weight ratings besides simply averaging them?

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        1. re: Oliver Oyl

          thats not the only problem with yelp. they are notoriously scammy. You'll notice that companies that advertise with yelp get negative reviews removed and postive reviews move from filtered to visible. If a business decides to not advertise or cancel their advertising via yelp they will be punished. I think there are a few lawsuits underway against yelp

          1. re: chrisdds98

            Agreed. Even though I have my issues with CH, I think I've only done one rating on Yelp and it was for a B&B in NB that totally messed up a halloween for me (and if anyone who knows me, that's the WORST)

            Speaking of which, next year is the last BIG ONE. Contact me if you want to be a part of it....

            Last one wast the huge party at the house across from Baby A's on Barton Springs!

            1. re: chrisdds98

              I didn't know places could pay to remove negative reviews. Thanks for letting those of us less informed know that. Out of curiosity I've searched "poisoning" on the Austin Yelp page. I guess Torchy's isn't paying for advertising, because they've certainly not removed the several hits on that search.

          2. Certainly don't think Inka Chicken is a 4.5, I would say a 2 at best.

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            1. re: amykragan

              I agree, they are nothing special.

            2. I'm a Texan, born and raised in Eagle Lake,Texas...
              Texas has, according to Chefs from around the country, the best BBQ and the only BBQ restaurant in a list of 101 best places to eat..... IT AIN'T Franklins and I agree! Austin and the surrounding areas have far too many "Good/Great" BBQ restaurants to stand in line for 1,2,or 3 hours to get BBQ from a place that sells out everyday......
              City Market BBQ is on that list! It opens at 7am and closes at 6pm.... The Gentleman cooking the BBQ has been in the same location cooking BBQ for 42 years and he is just the BBQ'er, not the owner..... The owner has owned the place since 1949..... Hell the BBQ pits are older than Franklin himself.... Franklins is the tourist BBQ of Austin and thats just what it taste like! Yelp is crap!

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                1. re: foiegras

                  Texas monthly has some great articles, but I don't put much face value in something read on paper when it comes to food

                  1. re: shonuffgood

                    I guess reviews read on the screen are different? Here it is in the same format as yours ... http://www.texasmonthly.com/eat-my-wo...

                    I haven't been to Franklin's, so I have no opinion on it ... but Pecan Lodge, best I've ever had, is #4. So I'm inclined to think their list probably isn't crap ...

                    1. re: foiegras

                      I can't disagree with you about Pecan Lodge.... it's pretty good food.... and I would be more inclined to believe some of Texas Monthly ' s suggestions..... most of Yelps suggestions come from people who have only been to Franklins because they visiting Austin. There are hundreds of bbq places in the 35 corridor from Dallas to San Antonio and they're in hundreds of small towns travelers to Austin have never heard of..... I travel to many of these towns, buying and selling hay and having lunch with the people in those towns..... I'm not inclined to say Franklins is anywhere near 4.6 outta 5.....

                2. re: shonuffgood

                  Went to Luling. The brisket I had was inedible.

                  1. re: Rptrane

                    There's two BBQ places in Luling... Which Bbq place we're you at? When you went home, did your clothes and skin wreak of the smell of bbq?

                    1. re: shonuffgood

                      City Market.. I found it really bad and so did my companion.

                      1. re: Rptrane

                        Well ya'll might wanna find a bbq place that fits your liking! Good luck

                        1. re: shonuffgood

                          Newsweek is the same magazine that put Princess Diane on the cover as if she aged 20 years and did a what if piece like anyone would care.. No their opinion doesn't matter.

                          1. re: Rptrane

                            This is a forum about food not Aristocracy. That is the reason for the pics... just a reference about food.... not for opinions about personal feelings of the periodical...

                          2. re: shonuffgood

                            Newsweek is also printed on paper, isn't it?