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Nov 21, 2013 02:08 PM

First Timer Questions

Husband and I are going to Boston for the weekend next month and would love to sample some local cuisine and beers. Besides the obvious Sam Adams, are there any other good local beers we should try? Any good (casual) pubs or restaurants that we should hit?

I know this is pretty vague, but we haven't nailed down our hotel yet so I don't know what area we'll be in. We'll probably have a rental car, but obviously it would be ideal to find a cluster of places within walking distance from a good hotel option.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm not a big beer drinker, but I always enjoy Boston Beer Works Blueberry Ale, Harpoon IPA, and Cisco Whales Tale.

    1. I would suggest visiting the Harpoon brewery for a tour of their new visitor center and beerhall.

      Boston/Mass has a bunch of microbreweries doing good stuff these days, particularly Clown Shoes, Cambridge Brewing Co., and Slumbrew. There's plenty of pubs and casual spots at stops along the Red Line (Davis Square and Harvard are very convenient) so I'd recommend finding a place to stay with MBTA subway access.

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        I 2nd the Harpoon Brewery tour. Their warm pretzel with all those lovely dipping sauces that come with is defintely worth a hang in their beerhall, plus they usually have some beers available there you can't get anywhere else. Easily accessible from anywhere via the Silverline from South Station.

      2. If you are really into beer I would suggest staying somewhere inCambridge. I just feel that we have better beer bars, easier to drive/ park in, and more accessible to the highways if you plan to travel the area. The Kendall Square are is convinent to the T and right across the river from Boston. Meadhall, Cambridge Brewing Company, and Lord Hobo are three great beer bars in that area. Each have good food ( though some don't like CBC food). Sam Adams, Harpoon, Nightshift and Idle Hands Breweries all give tours. Both Sam and Harpoon are T accessible. night Shift a and Idle Hands are just north of the city in Everett (15 min from Kendall w/ out traffic). Other good local beers are Trillion, Jacks Abbey, Pretty Things, Bantam hard cider, Berkshire Brewing, Blue Hills, Wachussets, and Cape Ann Brewery.

        1. Need some more details to recommend restaurants. You should probably have a meal in the North End (Italian neighborhood). It is charming and lively, but there are many, many restaurant choices. It doesn't really matter where you are staying downtown as Boston is small and easy to get around either walking or by subway. If you are going to be just in Boston, don't bother with the rental car. It will be expensive to park and of no use getting around.

          1. I am a big fan of the Salty Pig. It is in the Back Bay and is pretty centrally located. They have a great selection of charcuterie and cheeses along with great pizza, sandwiches and specials. Their selection of micro brewery beers is also very good. It is casual and lively and really good.