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Nov 21, 2013 11:39 AM

Liver paté - how to make it and how to eat it

I finally have a weekend free to experiment with cooking. I'd like to make chicken liver paté.

Any basic recipes anyone would care to share?
Can I make it in a blender? I don't have a food processor.

Would something bad happen to me if I ate the entire batch by myself? Considering 1 pound of raw chicken livers to start with.

I've only ever had paté on banh mi sandiwches. How else can I eat it?

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  1. I've made this one before and its a real winner. I used an immersion blender to process it so I don't see why a normal blender wouldn't work just fine.

    It makes a lot. I like mine just smeared on a cracker. Eating it all might give you a coronary :)

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      This recipe looks great, I'm going to make it for Christmas Eve. Thanks!

    2. I make a very basic chicken liver pate using 8oz of butter to one pound of chicken livers. I melt about 4 oz of butter in a small skillet and sweat a small onion and/or shallot in it, then add the livers (cleaned) and cook them gently until they're just barely cooked through. I scrape the contents of the skillet into a food processor and let it cool a bit, then process with the remaining butter until smooth and season to taste. Force it through a tamis if you want a super silky texture.

      That is the basic recipe; I almost always add other flavoring agents. Almost always a bit of brandy and nutmeg, sometimes other liqueurs and spices. You can also fold in some unsweetened whipped cream to give it more of a mousse texture.

      As for eating a whole pound of it - you won't die, but you might feel a little ill afterwards! It keeps a while in the fridge and freezes well, though, so you don't have to eat it all in one sitting. I love it on bread or crackers, used to top grilled meats, hell I'll just eat it by the spoonful, all by itself!

      ETA: the only problem with making it in a blender is that you may have to add some liquid to get it going, which could make your finished product a bit too thin. Depends on your blender, though.

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        1. I, and others in our family, enjoy this recipe from Emeril:

          I like it spread on toasted, thinly-sliced baguette, or similar toasts. Those little sliced cocktail loaves make great toast for it as well!

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          1. re: Cheez62

            love the looks of this recipe.
            all things make sense to me and the result oughta be terrfic.
            we're going to our DIL's polish familys' Thanksgiving celebration. talking to the kid a few minutes ago, asking what he wanted me to bring, I'm adding this or the epi recipe to my offerings. now if I could only find that gosh darn recipe for MS Easter bread to spread it on with the home made mayo containing HBE, I'd be very pleased.

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              This is my go to recipe for chicken liver pate. I make it 3 or 4 times a year. Kids, grandkids and friends love it. The only change I make is substituting capers for the green peppercorns, but only because I usually have capers on hand and not green peppercorns.

            2. The jewish deli in my neighborhood in nyc has a turkey, liver pate, coleslaw and russian dressing sandwich as well as one with the pate, chopped hard boiled eggs and tomato/onion/lettuce.

              I can't vouch for either but the eggs and pate combo is something i see often

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              1. re: Ttrockwood

                I love eggs and pate - you can put it inside an omelet, or put a smear on a hardboiled egg. So good!

                My favorite post-Thanksgiving sandwich is made with pate (I usually make it for Thanksgiving). I take a slice of buttery sourdough toast, put a thick layer of pate on it, top it with cranberry sauce and then sharp cheddar. Leave it open-faced and melt the cheese under the broiler. Fabulous.

                1. re: biondanonima

                  one of the reasons I'd do the pate for our TG day meal is it's not something I remember seeing as an appy. starting off the festivities with really good appetizers is a great way to set the tone for the celebration. gad I'm excited, thanks for sharing that memory biond