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Nov 21, 2013 10:45 AM


When I think of a romantic restaurant, I do not think of a brightly lit room with wooden chairs and resonant floors. Some time ago, there was a French restaurant not far from Ghirardelli Square with fabrics on the walls, booths, and excellent food. Service was discreet. I took my girlfriend, and it was memorable. We also ate at Lutèce while Soltner was running the show, and it was stunning—and romantic.

Do any such restaurants remain in San Francisco? And might they tolerate my vegan ways?

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  1. The only vegan restaurant that comes to mind which has an inkling of elegance would be Millennium.

    Saha serves some great vegan, but they aren't quite as elegant inside -- although I like their food more.

    1. There are two others besides Millenium that will fit the bill. Greens at Ft. Mason will happily accommodate vegans, and The Richmond in the Inner Richmond will do a very nice vegan prix fixe menu with wine pairings (I did both of these when the wife and I were vegan) if you give them a couple of days notice.

      Another place that might be able to accommodate with advance notice is Sons and Daughters. They are more than happy to work with dietary restrictions and they made my wife some amazing gluten free breads for our meal.

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        Thanks for a very helpful series of suggestions, Josh. I've lost all interest in Greens, as I find the food really flat, but I'm going to try The Richmond.

      2. From photos, Keiko à Nob Hill looks right, and I've seen reports from people who were happy with special-request vegan menus.

        1. I would check with Fleur de Lys and Keiko a Nob Hill. Fleur has made a vegan menu for me before but this was a few years ago. They do have a vegetarian menu. Keiko also can accommodate vegan with advance notice.

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            Reports here on Fleur de Lys have have not been consistently positive in recent years.

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              Yeah I guess I could go by reports on here or by experience eating there regularly. Never had a single bad meal in over 20 meals there. It's certainly not cutting edge food if it ever was and not the value it once was.

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                I misunderstood "a few years ago" to mean that was the last time you ate there.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Sorry for the confusion. That was the last time I had to eat there with a vegan.