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Dear Mr. Broccoli you'll be missed

Major sticker-shock today.
I admit to rarely looking at the price of the food I buy it. And I never look at the till-tape or look at the cost of an item when it comes up of the cashiers screen.
Doing a little stir fry tonight. Needed a little broccoli to go with the other veg. I happened to see the broccoli price come up on the screen this time.
In the photo you can see the amount of broccoli.
Not 'organic' BTW. Just plain old.
Cost? $4.91
I'll wait until next year when the local broccoli is available.
Lesson learned.

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  1. Wow! So, it was around $2 a pound? That's really high for non-organic.

    1. the QE is taking its toll. hidden inflation shows up at the grocery store. our bills have gone up a good 30% over the past year or so.

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        1. re: TroyTempest

          Quantitative Easing

          Do some research so we don't get into a political conversation here.

      1. Oregon coast, broccoli & cauliflower both over $2.00 a lb. I didn't buy any.

        1. Wow, regular price at my store is 1.49/lb, on sale frequently for 99 cents a pound.

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            If there is some kind of shortage, no matter how slight (due to weather usually, and then the holiday on top of it) I'd give it another week or so and then check back.

          2. when I first read the title, I thought to myself that the James Bond movie producer had died years ago...

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              Daughter of Broccoli is still one of the producers, by the by.

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                I didn't know that...don't generally pay as much attention to the credits as I might!

            2. $1.99 at TJs for conventional. I always grab the biggest head. Unlike some of their other produce that sucks (moldy berries, bruised bagged apples, rotting sweet potatoes) the broccoli and cauliflower at my store have been consistently good.

              1. As of yesterday my market (with the best produce prices) had it for $2.99/ LB. However, i am in manhattan and everything is stupid expensive.
                Cabbage is a good swap, i love it in stir fries too. And at 89cents/lb in nyc its gotta be cheap for you too....

                1. Wow! I just bought broccoli day before yesterday from my local ethnic market for $.69/lb.

                  1. Agree that broccoli is very expensive, especially organic. I have been buying frozen organic broccoli instead.

                    1. Vegetables have really gone up over the last year. I'm in San Francisco and Safeway had conventional broccoli for $2.99/lb this week. Wow.

                      I seem to remember cauliflower used to be cheap but I've been seeing it at $3.99 per pound, not head, for months now. Every blue moon, I may see it for $2.99 but that's pretty rare.

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                        I'm picking up some cauliflower this weekend at my local grocery, it's 97 cents a head. Last week that was the price of broccoli. So check around, there are some good prices out there right now. I'm sure they'll go back up for Christmas and New Years though.

                      2. Wow! Hope you enjoyed the stir fry anyway.

                        Reminds me of one time years ago, I'd run into Whole Foods on my way home to grab an avocado and tomato for dinner. Running back through the produce aisle, these red grapes were calling my name so I stuffed them in my basket.

                        I get to checkout and my total is almost $30. I'd already swiped my card before the total came up and it went through immediately. Awesome. The grapes were $26.99 or something. WTF

                        1. I never pay that much...99 cents a bunch here in NY.

                          1. I got screwed like this on a tiny little head of radicchio recently. I grabbed a head of it that was smaller than a baseball and got to the register and she charged me almost $6 for it!

                            Can you get by with frozen broccoli for now at least?

                            1. You might try a local Asian market if there's one nearby, produce is usually super cheap all year round

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                                Or Spanish. You might have to rinse off a bit of soil but it's worth it.

                              2. That's why I grow my own. Ultra seasonal, ultra local, ultra cheap!

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                                1. re: Novelli

                                  Good for you.
                                  Nothing i have ever grown has been cheaper than the grocery store.

                                  1. re: TroyTempest

                                    I know what you mean, I have a garden just for the fun of it mostly.

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                                      Right. When i used to garden, I think my stuff was tastier than the grocery store, but cheaper, no way.