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Nov 21, 2013 10:17 AM

NOLA December 28-January 1st

Hi all! I am a foodie from NYC coming to NOLA for NYE. It is my first trip and I don't think I could possibly be more excited!

At the moment I have reservations at Commander's for lunch on Monday the 30th, and dinner that night at Cochon. I have a NYE reveillon dinner reservation at Galatoire 33, but other than that am pretty open.

I would like to make it to mother's and cafe du monde at some point and have also been told to go to Domilise's and Central Grocery.

I would love to get some input on Cochon and Galatoire 33 and whether they are worth going to or if I should be going somewhere else and also any other recommendations for great food that you can give.

We are staying at the Westin Canal Place and will be car-less but are used to walking and public transportation living in NYC and are totally willing to travel by foot, taxi or streetcar if necessary.


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  1. How many days/meals? Now I see your title, sorry!

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      I get in around 9:45pm on the 28th and fly out around 1:00pm on the I need breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 29th, 30th and 31st and then perhaps breakfast on the 1st.

    2. If youa re coming in on Saturday then everything suggested is quite "do-able.' You can get to Central Grocery and Cafe du Monde with ease and you couldl easily make it to Cochon Butcher (until 4:00 on Sunday) to buy a muff for comparison to Central. There will be almost universal advice to skip Mother's but it still has a decent following among locals in the office buildings nearby--just not at the noon hour when it is too packed.

      I don't go to Galatoire's 33 or anything next door to the original, preferring to stay where I belong but I cannot see it being anything other than good..

      1. I would try to plug in EAT Nola for one of your breakfasts (closed on Monday, and you won't need much on Monday if you are going to Commander's for lunch!);

        If you do *not* make it out to Domilise's (check the RTA routes/times or cab it) you will likely want a Po-Boy experience and their are multiple posts on Chowhound to peruse.

        I like Killer Po-Boys (in the Erin Rose bar in FQ open til midnight but check the days on FB) or the more traditional, but quite fun, Johnny's on St. Louis.

        One your fine dining: I prefer Herbsaint to Cochon, but that's me. And Galatoire's 33 is getting good reviews; it looks like a steak house "anywhere" to me, but could be amazing that night!

        And you might scout out one of the (hotel-located) John Besh spots for his 3-6 Happy Hour specials, good way to sample the fare even if you want to go to dinner elsewhere: Domenica, Luke or Borgne.

        Domenica is in the Hotel Roosevelt -- xmas decorations are luscious and the Sazerac bar is famous. Check the menus, but the HH's are fun at those spots!

        Have fun fun fun!