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Nov 21, 2013 10:03 AM

Last Chance Kitchen, 11/20/13, Spoilers

So Louis and Janine go to the Farmer's market and come back to the kitchen to prepare a dish for Tom. Wait - they can only use 3 ingredients. Tom lets them pick 3 and takes the rest away.

Janine makes some fish, grilled asparagus and potatoes, and saffron cream sauce.

Louis makes olive-oil poached shrimp with Creole tomatoes and a fennel, shrimp and tomato sauce.

And the streak is broken. Janine is dethroned. Louis wins Last Chance Kitchen!

I kind of hoped Louis would get the chance to show more of his style. He has a decent resume and his performance hasn't shown any of that skill.

Let's see how long he can hang on to his jacket.

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  1. I *just* watched it. I thought the win could have gone either way, and actually liked the look of Janine's dish. When Tom said that Louis's sauce was "gritty", I thought that might be his Waterloo. Guess grit works.

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      I guess Tom's comments belies his true feelings. Harking back to last week, I suppose Tom may be giving us headfakes with his comments.

    2. Statistically, Janine was bound to get defeated before the end of LCK.

      1. Well so much for all those fools who declared Tom decides who gets back in and judges accordingly.

        gaffk now ducks as others realize she was one of those ;)

        1. I thought Janine would win as well. bummer.

          I'm really annoyed by the 10 minutes of commercials they lead with....really?

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          1. re: Dee S

            Wow, I watch FiOS On Demand and only have to suffer through one (albeit excruciating) Toyota commercial.

            1. re: Dee S

    's a television production. The commercials pay the bills.

              1. re: John E.

                I did think the "in-show" product placement of the nice car was a bit out there, considering the "show" was only 11 minutes long. "and don't forget to show the gps!" Like none of us have ever seen a GPS before...

                1. re: DGresh

                  I completely agree. "Here we are, sitting in the Toyota. Here are some shots of the outside of said car. Here's a shot of the cool navigation system. Look, all we have to do is touch 'go'!" Top Chef's product placement seems to be getting more and more in-your-face and subsequently annoying to me.

            2. From looks alone I thought Janine would win it -- her presentation really made me want to stick a fork through the monitor and have a bite. Louis's, not so much at all. So a bit surprised by the verdict. She lost because she failed to do much with the asparagus, even when her competitor served a gritty sauce? Hm.

              No ads on this end, other than the entire first part of the battle when they were driving around and talking about how great the car is... No reason to watch ads, people! Use Firefox as your browser, install the Adblock Plus and Ghostery plugins, and say goodbye to unwanted corporate advances.

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              1. re: davis_sq_pro

                Also, they show Mike saying something like "his (roux? gumbo?) is too thick"; which I happened to be thinking as well.

                1. re: Shrinkrap

                  He said Louis' bisque was too thick. Tom said his 'sauce' was gritty.