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Nov 21, 2013 09:15 AM

Does dried Chinese sausage ever go bad?

I happened upon some dried sweet Chinese sausage in the fridge when i was looking for fried rice ingredients. Not sure how old it is, several months at least. No visible mold or off smells. This is the type of sausage that hangs out in the unrefrigerated open air in Chinatown markets before being sold.

Has anyone ever had this stuff go bad?

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  1. If it doesn't have visible mold or off smells, it should be okay. I always give them a boil for a few minutes before using them. Do that & then slice off a piece to try to make sure the taste is still good.

    1. I have NEVER had lop cheung go bad. Ever. They tend to shrivel more as they get older, but I suspect the high salt content keeps them from spoiling.

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        Interesting, what about the wetter Chinese sausages that come in a vacuum sealed package? Once the seal is broken do they last a long time too?

        1. re: RealMenJulienne

          Yeah, a long, LONG time. They're really not all that wet. Moist, perhaps. I had some in the bottom of my fridge that I discovered that may have been a couple of years old. The package had been opened, and they were stored in a zip-top bag. Tasted fine, although they were quite a bit firmer than fresher sausages.

      2. A few months to a year is more than okay. I found a package in my back-up fridge that was 4 years old. It smelled pretty rank and went in the trash.

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          four years may be a bit too long.' Love them in Lo mai gai!

        2. <some dried sweet Chinese sausage in the fridge when i was looking for fried rice ingredients>

          It is fine.

          1. Thanks for the advice everyone. The fried rice was good and nobody died, always a good outcome.

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              <The fried rice was good and nobody died>

              It is always good to know, especially for the latter.