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Nov 21, 2013 08:33 AM

Blue Kudzu Sake Company - AVL

Anyone been? Looks interesting.

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  1. Seen it, but haven't been yet. I'm not sure I like sake. Did read a review ~

    1. I went to their grand opening quite by chance (heard about it while at Bull & Beggar) and am one of the people in that review Nancy posted. I'm not the person to ask about the sake itself because I discovered that night that I don't like sake. LOL

      BUT, the space was really nice and comfy. The flight of sake they brought out was beautiful and the staff seemed knowledgeable. As I understand it, they are going to be making their own sake, but that night they served other brands. I think the plan is to do both. They offer food but the kitchen had closed, so we didn't get to try any.

      I would love to hear from someone who actually likes sake. Even thought I discovered I don't like it, I would definitely go back because I liked the space, but I would just get wine/cocktails and food instead. :-)

      they have a website and FB page.

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        Tried this place Saturday night. It was almost empty at 7:00 but filled up more as we ate. I like it. Beautiful, if cavernous, space. Super-friendly service, and the snacks we had (spicy crab and mango spring rolls, lettuce wraps with pork belly, a reuben made with kimchi) were very good. I was not a sake fan before this, having only had the warm, vodka-like swill they serve at most Sushi places. But here I liked every single variety on our $17 flight, including both dry and sweet, fruity and herbal. The waitress said that they will be brewing their own by year's end, so we'll be back to give it a try, and I'll report back.

        1. re: Jeff C.

          One of the first things they told us when we visited back a couple of months ago was that "warm" sake was typically used to cover up BAD sake and so they didn't serve it (we had asked). But I notice on their FB page that they now mention "hot sake" of the day. So perhaps when done right, it's not just to hide bad sake?? plus with the colder weather, it may be a seasonal thing.

          1. re: Jeff C.

            We went Sunday for brunch and had a nice time. Beef Pho (large portion...too large for us) was good. The Tuna Tatiki was delicous, dynamite mussels good (nice green lipped with a light but flavorful dynamite sauce), and pork dumplings. Bottomless mimosas were $12 and everyone in the place, aside from me, had one. I had some delicious sake and a couple glasses of wine...nice space, friendly staff...and karaoke on Sundays (unappealing to me but the room was filling when we left around 1:30 PM). Worth a try...