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Nov 21, 2013 08:12 AM

Where to eat in Maui on Christmas Eve and Day?

I am looking for a fantastic meal on Kaanapali. Luau is not an option. Price is not a concern, food and atmosphere are.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. It's high season on Maui during Christmas. Most high end restaurants will be open that day. Many of them are on OpenTable as well so it's easy to make a reservation. Did you already look on OpenTable?

    It has to be in Kaanapali, or just nearby?

    2014 Hale Aina Awards are a good place to start. See below:

    GOLD — Mama’s Fish House
    SILVER — Merriman’s Kapalua
    BRONZE — Lahaina Grill
    FINALIST — Honu
    FINALIST — Star Noodle
    TOP WRITE-IN VOTE — Mala Ocean Tavern

    1. Merrimans..fab..make reservations now...Xmas Eve dinner and Mama's for Xmas lunch.
      Plantation House at for breakfast
      Sea House
      Hula Grill

      Mama's Fish House for Xmas lunch


      1. Hi Oaktown,
        Katherine and Beachchick list some very good restaurants on Maui.
        Do you want to be "on Ka'anapali" so that you can walk from your resort? Are you staying in the main Ka'anapali area south of Black Rock?

        If yes to both of those, Hula Grill right on the beach may be your best bet. Roy's would be a close walk up on the golf course. There is also Leilani's next to Hula Grill on the beach. Roy's will probably have better food, but the two beach front places will have better atmosphere. On Christmas day, though they will probably be crazy busy.

        If you don't mind driving, do try Merriman's in Kapalua as Beach Chick mentioned. Or there are several good places in Lahaina. The best food is probably Lahaina Grill, but no view there. We really like Pacific'O or its sister next door, I'o for fantastic views.

        And, it is farther away, but Mama's Fish House is my first choice for fantastic atmosphere and very good food for a celebration.

        We have not been on Maui over Christmas yet, but one thing I noticed in reading reviews is that restaurants with generally excellent reviews have some very disappointed customers on the busy holidays. I think I would trust the service at Mama's for a wonderful meal on Christmas.

        Have a Mele Kalikimaka