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Nov 21, 2013 08:01 AM

Where to buy individual cups/pods for single serve brewers in GTA?


I am looking to try a variety of K-cups or Tassimo pods, instead of buying full packs does any one know a speciality retailer that sells them individually in Toronto, Scarborough, or even Pickering? I've noticed some Staples sells some K-Cups individually, but their selection is limited.


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  1. Personal Service Coffee has a wide variety of pods that they sell individually as well as in packages. Their website says they have a location in Pickering.

    1. try ECS coffee, they are located in burlington, a lot out of your way i knoe BUT they do online orders and you can buy individuals of most of their coffees for .89 cents each,

      there is another place in etobicoke called Coffee Galore on north queen and 427 that sells individuals but their selection is not as big as ECS though i can get individual marley coffee blue mountain k-cups for a buck and change when i want to treat myself.

      1. I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but allows you to pick your own assortment of pods. They have a number of brick and mortar stores, but they also do some online stuff, including the coffee. I go to one of their retail locations often.

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