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Nov 21, 2013 06:25 AM

What is your favorite dessert in Brooklyn?

So I am soon moving to Brooklyn Heights and I am a dessert fiend. Where do I go/what do I order for an excellent dessert?

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  1. You can walk to Junior's. It's not too far from Brooklyn Heights.
    Amazing cheesecake, sundaes, pies and other baked goods. Good burgers, pastrami sammiches and breakfast too!! Wash it all down with an egg cream.
    My favorite: the strawberry cheese pie.

    1. The chocolate pudding with sea salt at Rucola. I'm sure there are other, better ones, but I love that dessert.

      1. I'm not sure whether Krescendo kept the desserts on their menu that were created by their previous chef Elizabeth Faulkner but, if they did, you should definitely check it out.