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Nov 21, 2013 05:26 AM

Le Cheri

I believe you were there for the opening last night PhillyBest. Looking forward to your impressions. Snagged a table for Saturday and really looking forward to that.

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  1. Yes, six of us attended opening night at Le Cheri. If you like Bibou, you'll like Le Cheri!

    The menu is in a very similar style to Bibou, but mostly dishes that I haven't previously had at Bibou (and a few of Pierre's classics like pike quenelles in lobster sauce). There is more overlap on the dessert menu. The dish of the evening was the fantastic cold foie gras poached in red wine.

    I never had a chance to eat at the former Rittenhouse Tavern under Nicholas Elmi, but it is a beautiful space (and the kitchen is almost as big as all of Bibou!). Patio dining is something to look forward to next year.

    Currently BYOB until they get their liquor license. After that, Charlotte says there will be a $20 corkage fee for BYOB.

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      Thanks PhillyBest. We were at Le Cheri last night and loved it. The food and ambience are superb. And, of course, the gracious Pierre and Charlotte add to the experience. I greatly enjoyed my meal but there are several other dishes on the menu that I'm eager to try. Last night, it was a battle between the short ribs and the pike quenelles. The short ribs won, mainly because I liked the red we'd brought more than the white.

    2. I'm excited to check it out and have a reservation for next week--already tough to get in! Has anyone tried the cassoulet? That's what caught my eye.

      Anyone have any info on when the liquor license is supposed to come through?

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        Duck confit cassoulet is a Pierre classic that he always serves during the Winter months. I had it recently at Bibou and it was excellent.

        Full menu is here:

      2. How would you all recommend Le Cheri compared to Bibou?

        I was just at Bibou about two weeks ago, so not sure if there'd be too much overlap (not necessarily a bad thing!) or if I should mix things up.

        I've been on a restaurant kick the past year, and have done many of the highlights in Philly: F&F, Talula's Garden, Morimoto, Noord, BLM, Parc, Lacroix, Amada, Zahav, Vedge, the Fountain, Butcher and Singer, and Vetri.

        I tend to enjoy edgier places, such as Zahav, Amada, Morimoto, and Vedge the most.

        On the radar screen is Fond, Big Fish, and well Le Cheri! Any recs?

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          If I were you I'd put Fork and Fitler Dining Room ahead of Fond and Little Fish. I haven't been to Le Cheri yet.

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            I would say that Le Cheri is quite different from Bibou, both in atmosphere and food. The surroundings are quite elegant, and the food is more traditional French.

            1. re: JanR

              Thanks much! I'll follow up on what we do. Interesting to hear more traditional French. That worries me somewhat, as I'm a health nutt and am wary of heavy-cream French cuisine. I remember being stranded in Boston for a couple weeks, and overdoing L'Espalier and Menton, and literally gaining about 8 pounds in the process!

              1. re: dndicicco

                I wouldn't say all of the dishes are of the heavy-cream variety. There are fish courses. My mackerel gravlax appetizer with beets and Meyer lemon was delicious and not heavy, nor were my husband's scallops. I hear the roasted branzino is very good.

              2. re: JanR

                JanR I am very curious to hear more about what makes you find it more traditional french. Are there dishes you didnt expect there? Are there dishes you miss from Bibou?

                1. re: cwdonald

                  I will be honest and admit that I am not an adventurous eater. I love raw oysters, crude and anchovies but that's probably the most adventurous I get. I like Bibou for many reasons, not least Pierre and Charlotte's charm, the intimate ambience (and my fond memories of the location when it was Pif). When I go to Bibou, however, I stick to dishes like hanger steak, soft shell crab in season, etc. "More traditional" was perhaps the wrong way to put it. There are more menu options at Le Cheri and they are more appealing to someone like me. I must add, they are not at all boring and all executed with creativity and panache. There is a section of the menu called "bizarre" which has a couple dishes that would appear at Bibou I believe (and which cowards like me would eschew). Going back tomorrow with another couple and perhaps I can give a more intelligent response.

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                    We went back to Le Cheri last night, this time with another couple. They loved it and plan to return. We were seated at a four top near the bar and near the window looking out to what will be the outdoor garden in season. Nice table with a lot more privacy than the banquette seats (which were also fine with me - hey, I'm just happy to be here). Our server was very nice and professional. I appreciate that there was less hovering than last time. I had the mackerel gravlax again for an app. I gave everyone a taste, and they agreed it was excellent. Although I was tempted to order the short rib again, I tried the pike quenelle. Very nice but I would probably order something else next time. Just personal preference. My husband enjoyed his butternut nut squash consommé and Arctic char with cous cous and Brussels sprouts very much. Friends had the short ribs and the waygu beef culotte with "fries" (much better than ordinary fries). They were very complimentary of these dishes. Desserts were super tarte tatins with cinnamon ice cream and mango tart. Finished with cafe filtre and cappuccinos. Another lovely evening here.

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                      Super helpful, thanks so much!

            2. I was there last night as well. We had a really nice time. It seemed like our server was a bit inexperienced, but well meaning and trying hard. The food was excellent--my DP had a fish ravioli with lobster sauce to start. This was a special and was terrific. I had the escargot & chicken oyster app which was good, though the chicken was a touch dry. For mains, we had the steak frite and cassoulet. Both terrific. My DP loved the frite, which were kind of like tater tots on steroids. For dessert we shared the creme brulee, which may be the best restaurant dessert I've had all year. All in all, a lovely meal and we will be happy to go back.

              1. We're going again this week. Apparently they jut got their liquor license, but there is no corkage for BYOB this week ($25 in future).