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Nov 21, 2013 05:26 AM

Ideas for kid friendly, easy to make thanksgiving desert

Would love some ideas on yummy but not complicated deserts for thanksgiving, even ones that gasp may have some store bought shortcuts. Our feast will be small, 4 adults and two little kids. We are chocolate lovers. Probably will involve my 3 yr old daughter in the prep of this dish so it needs to be simple (anytime I've tried more complicated baking with toddler "help" I get distracted and precision just isn't there). In addition to this dish will likely roast pears...would love to hear some favorites! Tia

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  1. Something like layered parfaits or a trifle comes to mind. You can make this as elegant or as simple as you'd like, ingredients-wise. Layer of custard (or good yogurt), layer of berries, layer of cookies (or cookie crumbles, or toffee bar, or nuts, or pound cake, or lady get the idea), layer of whipped cream, layer of chocolate mousse, etc etc. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. For kiddies, fresh baked chocolate sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies, cooled then topped with a scoop of ice cream and topped with a second cookie for ice cream sandwiches. Make ahead and freeze at least a day. I use the cream cheese sugar cookie recipe on

      Another of my favorites is chocolate whoopee pie, also can be made a day or two ahead and kept refrigerated or in the freezer then take out day of service to thaw. Adults & children alike have loved these when I have made them. Both are very easy and great projects for your daughter to help you with.

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        Those both sound great.

        Just wanted to add something--last Christmas, my mother was hosting a ton of people and had maybe 6 little ones coming who needed to be entertained while the adults schmoozed and drank and ate apps in the other room. She begged me to find some way to keep them occupied for an hour or two while dinner was being prepped.

        I baked off a few dozen sugar cookies the night before and then covered a few card tables with butcher paper and mixed up bags of colored royal icing and set out dishes of sprinkles and candies. I had the kids decorating Christmas sugar cookies for 2 hours no problem, and it was even hard to get them to stop and eat dinner.

        For dessert, the little ones walked around with a plate of their horrid-looking cookies for adults to try and they were so excited to have their cookies eaten, and to eat them themselves.

        Maybe you could do something similar with chocolate sugar cookies to keep the kids busy for a bit, either before or after dinner.

      2. My kids love to eat (and make) their own individual icebox cakes. Just layer store bought chocolate wafers with whipped cream, frost it all with more whipped cream and let sit overnight.

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          +1. Really easy and surprisingly good.

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            My mom used to make this, but she also soaked the oreos in Kahlua first. And yes, she served it to the kids, maybe to quiet us down?

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              I've also done it with graham crackers.

            2. Do a brownies trifle. That's fun to put together and kids love it.

              1. When I was a kid, I always liked chocolate cream pie, in a graham cracker crust. Your daughter can help mix up the pudding and you can use a premade crust to make it easy.

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                  Me too! That was a favorite. Just with regular old chocolate pudding mix, graham cracker crust, and Cool Whip on top. I think I'd still eat that now if it were served to me.