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Nov 20, 2013 10:43 PM

Woodhouse Fish Co - both location SF $16 whole crab dinner!

Saw on FB Woodhouse Fish Co. is doing a $16 whole crab dish w/ potato, chard, garlic bread. Hope to read some reports.

Woodhouse Fish Co
1914 Fillmore, St, SF


2073 Market St, SF - in the Castro

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  1. went early tonight to the Market Street location. There wasn't a line at 6pm. Most tables were having the crab. Crab was served plain and cleaned with just a dish of butter and a small dish of boiled potato and chard. Crab was medium sized not overcooked and super fresh.

    1. I went last night at around 9 pm (Market Street location). Sat at the counter since no tables were available. Fun vibe, tables covered in paper, most people with whole crabs in front of them. Crab was very meaty, really tasty. We were told the crabs were around 2 pounds. Chard & potatoes surprisingly good. Garlic bread could use some improvement. We left planning another visit before the special deal ends on 11/26.

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        I just posted on the other thread, ate at Fillmore St tonight, really excellent, great deal. Waitstaff told me the deal would last there thru Wed. Nov 27.

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          I think we've got a good crab year on our hands. Prices aren't absurdly low, but taste is very high.