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Nov 20, 2013 07:42 PM

Maui Food Recommendations?

Hi All
I will be in Maui in about 3 weeks, and looking for food eating places. I have read few blogs/forums and came up with following list. Please validate, let me know if I'm missing anything...

Ululani's Shave Ice, Lahaina, HI
Coconut's Fish Cafe (fish tacos)
Yee's orchard & fruit stand
Kihei Caffe (good breakfast)
Eskimo Candy for poke
Mama's Fish House
Paia Fish Market

I'm also looking for a slightly fancy place, a place by the ocean with good food, where my wife and I can really enjoy the sunset with a good meal.

Thank You

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  1. I assume your staying in Wailea area?

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    1. re: russkar

      Thanks for the responses so far. Sorry I forgot to mentioned that we are staying at Ritz Carlton Kapalua. We will be there for 4 days and 4 nights

      Please recommend anything in Kapalua.. again slightly fancy, by the water for a good sunset view. Also let me know if I'm missing anything?

      Thanks again!

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        Do a search on West Maui options nearby (Lahaina, Kaanapali, etc). Will you have a car?

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            OK, that is quite a bit of back and forth with driving down to South Maui but staying in Kapalua... For some people it's not a huge deal because they're used to long distances at home. Your mileage may vary, obviously.

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          Since you have a short trip and almost all of your list is in South Maui, I'll give some recommendations that are just as good and much closer to you in West Maui. You won't have much time to see the other areas of the island and Kapalua and West Maui have plenty to offer you!

          Ululani's Shave Ice, Lahaina, HI in West Maui - big yes! You'll want to visit Lahaina. If you are looking for a nice beach side restaurant in Lahaina, try Pacific'O at 505 Front Street. We eat there every year and lately it has been some of the very best food. You can't do better than the setting right on the beach. They are a real farm to table operation with their produce coming from their own upcountry O'o Farm, and their wonderful Aina Maui Mokka coffee. You can do a lunch tour of the farm too. Very good!

          Also in Lahaina is Fleetwoods, whose rooftop is a great place for happy hour with views, music and fun drinks. They have a very cool sunset ceremony with bagpipes(!) as well as traditional Hawai'ian blowing of the conch shell and chanting. Its a very cozy and kind of chic setting with live music too.

          Coconut's Fish Cafe (fish tacos)- instead try fish tacos from Fish Market Maui in Honokowai, yum!!!! It's basically a take out place with super fresh fish! Really good poke and and other fish too. I like their fish tacos better than Coconuts, super juicy fresh fish chunks. Ask for guacamole. This could take the place of Eskimo Candy and Paia Fish Market as well. Take your lunch across to Honokowai Beach Park. Also in this center is the Honokowai Okazuya and Deli, more delicious fresh fish for takeout! This joint was opened by a former Mama's Fish House chef.

          Yee's orchard & fruit stand is in Kehei. Instead try Honokowai Farmers Market. Its a great fresh produce, health food, local foods store in the same center in Honokowai as the two mentioned above. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings there is also an outdoor farmers market in the parking lot. Be sure to get some of their lilikoi cream cheese!

          Kihei Caffe (good breakfast) - near you, try breakfast at the Sea House or Gazebo both in Napili just south of Kapalua with beautiful views on Napili Bay and famous breakfasts, as well as good happy hour deals at Sea House. Plantation House in Kapalua is another good breakfast place with fantastic views.

          Eskimo Candy for poke - get your super fresh poke close to home at Fish Market Maui, mentioned above. You can have them make it to order. You choose your level of spice and ingredients. I also recommend you try poke anywhere and everywhere that you get the chance!

          Mama's Fish House will not be near you but is worth the drive. See my other reply on that. Just know that if you will have only one special (expensive) meal, you may be happier at Merriman's right in Kapalua. Several people I know who consider themselves true foodies find the food there better than Mama's and the setting is lovely too.

          Paia Fish Market - Mama's is in Paia and you won't have time to do two meals there. If you skip Mama's, Paia Fish Market is worth a stop, but we find it to be uneven sometimes. There are other fun, funky restaurants there like Cafe Mambo and Flatbread Co. The fish at Fish Market Maui in Honokowai will be as good or better.

      2. Ululani's has a Kihei location now, and the Kihei one just opened a bake shop. Are you staying in South Maui?

        Make sure you mind Yee's and Eskimo Candy's hours. Eskimo Candy often runs out of poke by the end of the day.

        Mama's Fish House WOULD be your "slightly fancy place" "by the ocean" with a view of the sunset. Get an earlier reservation if you want to ensure a good view. Google for photos--the atmosphere is very romantic. If you are celebrating an occasion be sure to let them know.

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        1. re: kathryn

          Thanks. Yes we are planning to celebrate our first anniversary

          1. re: qwerty1120

            Congratulations! Mama's would be a nice choice.

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              Mama's is one of my favorites, but it's also about an hour drive from the Ritz Carlton (same with Paia Fish Market, fyi; the Flatbread Company in Paia is also excellent if you're over on that side of the island). If both of you would like to enjoy alcoholic beverages as part of your celebratory dinner, you might want to pick some place closer to the Ritz, like Merriman's or Roy's.

        2. Aloha..
          Kapalua/Napili/Lahaina area.

          Sea house
          Plantation House at Kapalua..fab for breakfast
          Happy hours..Dukes, Hula Grill, Kimos

          Mama's Fish House is lovely.
          Bev Gannons General Store

          Have fun and Happy Anniversary!

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            Personally, I would add Gerard's to that list, also in Lahaina:

            Lovely venue (ask for the lanai seating, if weather is good), great food, and a very nice wine list.

            We have also enjoyed I`O, in Lahaina:

            Enjoy, and much aloha,


          2. We just returned from Maui yesterday back to Honolulu (home).
            Kapalua is really off the beaten trail.
            I would go to Mama's right from the Airport, unless you have a late arrival.
            Then for a nice breakfast or lunch Leoda's Bake Shop (on the way to Lahaina).
            Another favorite is Star Noodle (Lahaina).
            The Roy's in Kaanapali is decent food wise.
            As far as your desire for a high end View restaurant it's not easy in Kaanapali compared to Wailea which is a long way away.
            Are you going to any other islands?

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            1. re: russkar

              Thanks. We are in Hawaii for a short trip (4 days and 4 nights), planning to stay in Maui all days.
              While I'm finalizing restaurants based on the recommendations, any recommendations for Scuba/Snorkling, first time divers?

              1. re: qwerty1120

                For questions about that check out TripAdvisor:

                On the right hand side of the page there are helpful links.

                This site ( is all about food and drink. Not general travel info.

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                  Qwerty, I hope you do pop over to TA! Great information and people there!

              2. re: russkar

                Though I love Mama's for an anniversary dinner, you will find exactly what you ask for at Merrimans right in Kapalua. You will have a gorgeous sunset view in a spectacular oceanfront setting. Enjoy the sunset on their oceanside deck winebar before dinner, or request a window table and enjoy a sunset dinner followed by dessert or coffee at the fire pit on the deck. And if want to indulge in drinks Kapaluas's resort shuttle will take you back and forth without worry about driving. You might even want to walk over on the amazing Kapalua Coastal Trail.

                I do like the idea of celebrating at Mama's Fish House. I would do both, but make Mama's your farewell to Maui meal before the airport. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the experience without rushing it. You won't actually see the sun setting at Mama's on the north shore, but it is a beautiful place to be at sunset or during the afternoon. Try to time your visit so you get there before dark and can enjoy the beautiful grounds. It's a great place for photos. Mama's will treat you right on your anniversary. Be sure to let them know you are celebrating when you reserve, same for Merriman's.

                Happy anniversary and have a wonderful time!