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Nov 20, 2013 07:18 PM

wine, whiskey, bordeaux festa, sake

I wanted to open the subject, at the occasion of a particularly good surprise with the Bordeaux Wine Harvest Festival at Akasaka Sacas. I went out of by curiosity with a friend, not expecting too much. But I stayed a good 3 hours ... Entrance fee was 2500yens, for a selection of 110 Bordeaux, and the nice surprise was the number of variety I was offered (=free) to taste. I ended up drinking more than 12 little glasses (a real glass was provided, not a paper/plastic cup).
In France, typically the first glass is free, but the free tasting-no limit sounds just not possible for France.
There were some stands with food : raclette, other French cheese for 500yens, .. I know by have passed by, there was some degustation in Roppongi of Japanese whiskey, so I wanted to open this topic on the subject.. Tokyo is too big, and the information on sake fair, whiskey fair, this incroyable Bordeaux fair is lost. Too bad, this is a good way to meet friends that join happily such events. Nice holiday candidates are not so easy to find with Xmas coming.. Thank you for sharing.

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  1. The Whisky event is a bit more self-limiting than a wine event unless you stick with sniffing :hic:

    Actually it's probably better to organize a somewhat regular tasting group for this type of specific drinking. For wine, too, getting ~20 people together to try some 10 wines from a specific region, vintage, style, or other theme is often better than standing in line in a public event.

    p.s. In Paris the secret is to go somewhere like the Grand Tasting with a very serious appearance and a notebook, then alternate between pretending to absolutely hate the bottom of the range wine they'll pour by default, and expressing a keen interest in it. Of course you're still only going to taste mostly current release, but for the price of admission you can do some serious damage. :)

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      Thank you, that's actually a good idea to organise this 'open bottle' group soiree...

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        If you're interested by this idea of 'an open bottle' party in December, send me an email