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Nov 20, 2013 06:00 PM

Peter Pratt's in Yorktown is the best restaurant in Westchester?

Is this true?

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  1. It's been perfectly fine for the 2-3 times we've been there, but the BEST? There's a long line in front of PP's of contenders for that spot. That said, I continue to wish them well and visit there from time to time, as they are doing credible and enjoyable work in a pleasant setting.

    1. Nope, it is not. I'm not sure where you heard that. I stopped going when they changed there prices to make them higher on Saturday night than Friday night - specifically it was the wines by the glass. While it is a great old building, the food is just ok. I've had better - much better.

      1. Not even close-we gave it a couple of tries with the same couple, and we have all decided that, since there are many good places to eat, we don't need to go back. It was just ok, definitely not great

        1. I likened it to good wedding food. To take full advantage of
          the restaurant and for an optimal experience I recommend doing what we did.

          Book the round table in front of the fire on a Sunday night at 5:30 they open at this time. Bring the old folk they will enjoy both the food, it wont scare them and the fact that you can hear every spoken word, even at a big round table. Just sit back and enjoy a few hours of conversation food and in my case nostalgia.

          We may have just lucked out this particular night. There were only three or for tables seated in the dining room the entire time we were there which was approx. 3 hours. Our server told me they had been very busy the entire week when I commented on how quite it was

          There was soft relaxing jazz playing in the background and I was transported back to my childhood, a time when grown up fancier restaurants all seemed to have this type of soothing quiet ambiance either a piano player or jazz quartet which IMO is what made them seem grown up.

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          1. It is perhaps #1 in ambiance in Westchester. The dinning room is perfect for a winter night and the deck is great for a summer meal. The food, in my experience, is good, but not great.