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Jul 6, 2005 10:03 AM

Knife Sharpening in Houston

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I am new to the Houston area (just moved down from NYC.) In New York there were lots of services where a guy in a van would come to your house and sharpen your kitchen knives. This service must, I expect, exist in a city the size of houston. My knives have started getting dull, and I need help!

Where do the hounds in Houston sharpen their knives?


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  1. Sur La Table, but I have never used them.

    I wonder about some knife shops. We have plenty of those, or at least we used to.

    1. Petes fine meats will do it at their shop.

      1. In the past I have taken my knives to Central Market.
        They will do the sharpening for you upstairs where they hold the cooking classes. You may want to call ahead though, to make sure the person who does the sharpening is in. If not, you may have to leave them overnight.

        I haven't had experience with anyone who will come to your home. Best of luck to you.

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          1. How timely...check out yesterday's article in the Chronicle on this very subject.

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              I did a search today and found this thread on Chowhound, and also the following place on the west side.

              Poly-Sharp Knife Service
              3715 Waldo St
              Houston, TX 77063-5421 View Map
              (713) 780-8427