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Nov 20, 2013 04:08 PM

December 2013 - Sportsbook NFL Game / Drink & Food Deals

Necessity dictates the Sunday in Vegas right before Christmas. Question: which casino sportsbook (on or near to the Strip) is best for drink and/or food specials around that time of year?

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  1. You are going to get recommendations for Lagasse Stadium from most, when asking about food and a sportsbook; and, realistically, it's a pretty good combination. But, from a "Vegas standpoint" I would want to know which is more important to you....the sportsbook or the food?

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      The food! More precisely, we love specials -- food and drink; and a lack of quality can more than be made up for by the absolute value of a bargain/special!

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        You may want to check with Lagasse Stadium about any minimum. At one time there was a $50 food and beverage minimum per person for the morning games and the same for the afternoon game.

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          Thanks, that's v. helpful and, obviously, antithetical to our Sunday NFL purposes.

      2. On the strip...and, specifically, in a sportsbook, you are not going to get "deals" the strip, wings, sliders, buckets of beer abound, but not where you can make a bet.....Personally, one of my favorites is at NewYork-New York....I love the foodcourt, and the sportsbook is only a few feet away. The deli and pastrami sandwiches are excellent, the buckets of fried seafood and chicken and fries from the Fulton Fish Market, the salsa from GOnzalez y Gonzalez, and the angus burgers from the burger bar are excellent....prices are decent. There is also the Sporting House (which was the old ESPN Zone) which has OK bar food; but is a great venue for watching all the games..and, also, is only 20 feet from the sportsbook for making bets. The problem with the sportsbook is that there is really no place to eat/drink/watch...not really....but I do love that foodcourt.

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        1. We can break it down even more, to see just what kind of experience that you want. Keep in mind that except for Lagasse's, the trend over the past decade has been for the sports books to have smaller seating areas. So now the conundrum - do you want to be guaranteed a seat in a sports book for the 10 AM NFL kickoffs? If so, you may have to get there early, and there are not many quality food options open around that time. But if you are looking for a good viewing area once the games start, that can change things a bit. Places like Sporting House certainly work, and across the street down the block you have Twin Peaks, which has respectable bar food, and plenty of televisions. Once your bets are in, it can be easier to find a seat at a place like that than in most of the sports books.

          If you want to kick the food quality up a bit, there are good places right next to some of the sports books. Shawn McClain (Sage) now has his Five50 Pizza open beside the Aria Sports Book. If you reserve ahead and request the seats along the glass back wall, you can see the Caesar's Palace sports book video wall while having brunch at Mesa Grill. In the Venetian, Noodle Asia has tables within view of the sports book screens. At the Mirage, California Pizza Kitchen also puts you within view of the screens. At the Wynn, Allegro opens at noon, next to the sports book and also with multiple screens of their own at the bar.

          While deals tend to be just about non-existent on the Strip, the Wicked Vicky Pub at the Riviera just began a new promo - 15 wings and a pitcher of beer for $15 during NFL games. Can not vouch for the quality, but the price point is reasonable.

          That does not necessarily narrow things down, but it might help to put more options on the table (literally).

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            I'll add another small problem: If you are not physically in a sportsbook, then...especially for the 10am might not get the game you want due to lack of TV's....and based upon the way the NFL does its scheduling now, the majority of games are 10am. My choice, then, based upon cost + multiple screens + timing issue = The Sporting House.

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              I checked out the Sporting House -- it looks solid. I will say, however, that someone has informed me that come December (apparently a slow month in Vegas!), all casinos (including those on the Strip) will up their games and start offering some enticing promotions. Fingers crossed!!

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                Don't expect to find any deals from December 5-14. This is when the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is in town. Las Vegas is pretty busy over those days.

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                  Shimson.....As I said earlier, if you want to go off the to a local bar, you will find what you are looking for....Here, another recommendation: Hooter's on Tropicana across from the MGM Grand....they might have a wings/bucket of beer promotion; check their website. Also,but off the Strip is the old Hilton, now called the LVH..they have a 1500-seat room, no smoking, and beer and food "specials"....But, on the Strip? a sportsbook?....seriously, they are not hurting for money..and especially in a month that has football and basketball, pro and college going almost everyday.

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                    I have heard v. good things about LVH, including $1 hot dogs and $2 drafts. While nothing to phone home about, it's floating to the top of the list. On that note, I understand that all of the Station Casios' offer the same type special -- thought none are on the Strip. I do appreciate it.

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                    It isn't a sportsbook, but go place your bets and then head to Public House at the Venetian/Palazzo.

                    Or, if you can get a ride, consider Born And Raised. WAY better than I'd ever anticipated.


              2. I can tell you that the Wynn sports book is one of my favorites. While not very convenient we have walked to Tacos El Gordo and brought back a whole feast. Also, Stripburger is pretty decent right across the street and they frequently have 2 for 1 specials. As others have mentioned, no sports book has been able to provide the best of comfort/sports and food. But these two suggestions are pretty close for me and my group.

                1. Lots of good info. As mentioned, you will need to get there early if you want to actually sit in the sportsbook. For food? Probably Lagasse Stadium. But I've been in several and and I don't know that you're going to find any really good food & drink specials in the sportsbook.

                  We spent a great day in the Venetian's sports book about 10 years ago. Food was o.k. but sportsbooks are really more about the sports than the food.