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Good indoor restos w young kids?

I have some friends coming into town this wknd and had hoped to eat food trucks and restaurants with good outdoor vibe for young kids. Looks like weather will be a bit dicey and am wondering what are fun indoor restaurants with good food? We'll have 5 kids 5 and under. Thank you.

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  1. Moonshine-
    1886 Cafe
    Russian House
    Mamma Fu
    Kerby Lane

    1. contigo has the tent up so it's an all weather joint for the season.

      1. Sap's and Madam Mam's if you want Thai.

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            We too love the Chuy's and also the North Lamar Maudie's.

          2. threadgill's sunday bluegrass breakfast buffet at the north store has live music and is kid friendly too.

            1. At the risk of attack, when folks with kids visit us we always go to Hula Hut (essentially a Chuy's) for shiner bock beef fajitas, chicken tortilla soup, and the jalapeno white dipping sauce for the chips (I don't think it's on the menu, gotta ask). Very kid friendly, festive, and right on the water.

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                is hula hut still open? i was afraid it died in the drought

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                  Yep, Hula Hut on Lake Austin is alive and well. ieat... is right, it's a constant level so no worries. I usually don't get burritos, but last time tried the steak tubular burrito and it was great. They can usually, not always, make great beef fajitas (shiner bock version at least). I think that's what they stuff that boy with.