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Nov 20, 2013 03:33 PM

El Harissa Market Cafe (AA)

Excited to find the long-awaited El Harissa Market Cafe open & serving an array of Tunisian specialties.There is counter service for eat in & many take out options. I'm enjoying some merguez meatballs in a savory tomatos sauce, zeljouk (eggplant salad), and some lovely jewel rice (pilaf).

1516 N Maple Rd Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 585-0686

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  1. Today I tried one of the house soups: chorba. Delicious, hearty melange with tender beef chunks, veggies, garbanzos & some magical spices. A new comfort food.

    And El Harissa will be open on Xmas.

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    1. re: trapani

      Man this sounds interesting. Must make excuse for (updated) AA food tour.

    2. Finally, finally got there after not being able to go (had baby, live on other side of town, nightmare construction). It was very good, but the prices were mind-bogglingly expensive. I had ONE merguez meatball and a terrine de poulet that was no bigger than a corn muffin you might make at home. That, plus a $1.50 soda came to $9.82. Unbelievable. To be fair, they did throw in 2 pieces of pita bread, but it wasn't the homemade pita they sell by the bag for $3.49!

      This place is in the Miller Maple strip mall, so the rent can't be driving the prices, although it is a pretty big space they have. I'm used to paying Ann Arbor prices, and I pride myself on getting some of the cheapest, best lunches A2 has to offer, but this ain't one of them.

      However, I would go back. The balance of spices is phenomenal, the food looks beautiful and very fresh, and they have a lot of interesting gelato and sorbetto flavors. I just really wish things were at least 15% cheaper.

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      1. re: charlesbois

        I feel like the prices went up significantly a few months after opening. Nothing against El Harissa, but I'm pretty in love with the neighboring Juicy Kitchen.