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Where to buy Sake in the Denver area

jaybee Nov 20, 2013 03:15 PM

I need a good bottle of sake, and I've only been to Total Beverage. They only have one decent brand of sake. Is there a better place to look? I don't mind driving, since I have a few days. This is for Sunday evening.



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  1. LurkerDan RE: jaybee Nov 20, 2013 03:51 PM

    I'm no sake afficianado, but I'm pretty sure that Liquor Mart in Boulder has more than one decent brand. Hazel's may as well. Liquor Mart has a website, looks like a bunch: http://www.liquormart.com/wine/sake-p...

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      jaybee RE: LurkerDan Nov 20, 2013 04:08 PM

      Thanks. I'll be in Boulder tomorrow, so I'll stop by Liquor Mart. From my searching, it looks like Argonaut Liquor in Denver has a good selection. I just hate that parking lot.

      1. re: jaybee
        trolley RE: jaybee Nov 25, 2013 10:12 AM

        This post has gone and past your boulder visit but there are some good selections at the Whole Foods Wine shop.

    2. Veggo RE: jaybee Nov 20, 2013 04:44 PM

      Applejack has a large selection and best prices, Argonaut has by far the best personalized service once you find a parking space.
      From Applejack you can take a more interesting route to Boulder through Golden and Jefferson County.

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