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Nov 20, 2013 02:27 PM

I come to praise the carrot, not to bury it!

I'm not a vegavore--far from it! But I confess to a love for most things carrot. I make a Mexican carrot and cumin soup, adulterated with crema, that is superb. The Khantessa does a broil of scallions and julienned carrots that is its equal. Carrots are terrific roasted with beef, an undoubted boon to salads, and are great with wurst, kraut and potatoes in a casserole, among other things.

What are your favorite uses and abuses of our favorite orange friend?

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  1. Roasted carrot with balsamic honey reduction.

    1. Roasted with curry and olive oil...sigh...a thing of beauty.

      1. Hi, PK:

        I like carrot salad and carrot cake the best, I think. But a little extremely finely-minced carrot is an all-around pick me up for a LOT of preps. For me it's a lot like the dash of Tabasco you never even taste, but is synergistic.

        I'd also like to get a shout out about the big, gnarly ugly carrots that farmers grow for the food processors. They're 'WAY more flavorful than the "housewife" carrots stocked in most grocery stores. And there's enough "meat" that you can easily peel and core them, and *still* have a lot left over for cooking.

        My dad used to get a pickup-load of these big carrots from a farmer friend every winter, and bury (or "hill") them until they were needed. It's a pretty powerful memory for a boy to go out and dig his dinner in February...


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        1. re: kaleokahu

          I had the same experience. The carrots were buried in sand.
          I prefer the big gnarly ones also. I always 'core' them al a 'Iron Chef Morimoto'.

        2. --pickled in miso mixed with a little mirin and sliced garlic
          --as a part of pickled jalapenos (I like the carrots even better than the peppers)
          --grated and mixed 50/50 w/shredded savoy cabbage for cole slaw
          --tossed in olive oil, S&P, thyme, then roasted with rutabagas, parsnips and turnips. Add pearl onions if available.

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          1. re: kcshigekawa

            pickled in miso and mirin??? how does that work? can you share??? sounds relish!

            1. re: rmarisco

              I slice them fairly thin (maybe about 1/8"). I mix up some miso with a little mirin, and marinate the carrots for an hour or more. I'm sorry not to be more specific; I usually justwing it!

            2. re: kcshigekawa

              I agree the carrots are even better in escabeche.

              1. re: Wyvern

                Yes, with jalapenos, preferably for me, I love the escabeche

            3. Thai carrot salad! I use this recipe:


              Counter to the instructions, I whisk up the dressing in a bowl and process the carrots in the machine as any thinking person would do. Having said that, only about two-thirds of the recipe ever makes it to the table.

              Also wholeheartedly agree with picking out the pickled carrots from the jalapeno mix.