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Nov 20, 2013 02:25 PM

Changsha Style Restaurant Opens in Rosemead

Called Noodles King, 8632 E. Valley Bl. If somebody beats me there, please send a report.

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    Like I said, Chihuo (and Weibo) is changing the SGV game, more so than Wacow will.

    NB to mods: I am unaffil'd.

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    1. re: TonyC

      i can not identify those rice-stuffed things in pic 7.

      someone help this toisan boy.

      1. re: barryc

        i asked the lady where it was on the menu, and she pointed at "changsha dumplings"

        It's also what chihuo said, if my translating is correct. (could be wrong)

        1. re: blimpbinge

          a sticky rice version of siu mai? that's a lot of starch. i wonder how it's spiced or if it's similar to lo mai gai.

          1. re: barryc

            those things look like the "Rice & Pork Shao Mai" i had once at Din Tai Fung. They used rice and meat in their "Shao Mai" as well.

            1. re: chowseeker1999

              The ones @ dtf are more carefully made, but they're kind of bland/tasteless. The ones here.. kinda rough.. skin is thick.. but the rice is flavorful enough to pass for an entree by itself imo

      2. re: TonyC

        my chinese friends kept asking me to look at something called "chihuo"

        no idea it was a food blog

        have been following them for awhile, but my chinese sucks so i'm just there for the pics and recs

      3. I've been driving by for awhile, and had initially assumed it was a chinese owned pho place. (I mean c'mon, taking over pho valley then calling it beef noodle? what do you expect?)

        Then I saw chihuo post it up, and it beef rice noodles that looked appealing to my cantonese pallet. Also went w/ their other recs to keep it safe.

        So I ordered:
        Hunan Beef Rice Noodle Soup 湖南牛肉米粉 - The soup is slightly generic, but with some kick, everything was a bit spicy. The beef was nicely cooked, was similar to the beef from taiwanese beef noodles, equally tender, but saltier, and no tendon. The noodles were like a springier stronger version of chinese 河粉 (hor fun). Good until I threw the pork belly w/ chili's in. Eating them separately, I was fine. Started sweating bullets the moment the chili's mixed w/ the soup, but then again, I can't take the heat.

        Pork belly w/ Chili 辣椒炒肉 - The pork was kinda generic & salty, the chili's weren't spicy on their own. There were also cut garlic cloves inside. I asked for it on the side because I thought it may spice the noodles up too much. As a dish by itself, it's pretty boring, but it really changes up the noodles.

        Cold Rice Noodle 刮凉粉 - The noodles reminded me of a less tasty version of the cold mung bean noodles found elsewhere. The concept is surely the same, but with rice noodle instead of mung bean noodle? Well, the result is that the noodles kind of stick together, and they are less springly. Overall, I like the chengdu taste / flavor garden style one better.

        Changsha Dumpling 長沙燒賣 - I wanted to try the 糯米 (no mai) dumplings, and showed the waitress the pic. She pointed to "changsha dumpling" so that's what I got. Maybe because I came so late in the day (730 or so), the skin was kind of hard and unpleasant. The sticky rice itself was pretty good, not cantonese style, but I liked it. I wish they could just serve me a bowl of it.

        Overall, It wasn't bad, but the spice level killed it for me half way through.. just like it does for most of these restaurants..

        I think I'll be back for lunch and get their beef rice noodles + fried egg.

        Need to build up tolerance to the heat though!

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        1. re: blimpbinge

          Slight assemblage error: the spicy pork is s'pose to go into the Spartan Changsha dry-mix vermicelli (knock-off of 楊裕興, a 老牌). It's like a Blizzard mix-in, as are the other items listed in "extras".

          The beef vermicelli (noodle) is meant to stand alone.

          If you order "shao mai", the sticky rice shao mai is what arrives. if you order "dumplings", i don't know wtf actually comes out, since they also have a full dumpling menu.

          The dish, much like the chive pockets @ Fortune No. 1, and the green sichuan peppercorn "bo bo" chicken at Chendgu Taste (which, AGAIN, is worth every iota of hype), is what's driving SGV forward right now, not the generic dan dan noodles at wtf-is-that-other-Sichuan-noodle-place-on-Valley-called.

          This Hunan fam is just taking LA Chinese food to another level by gobbling up withering, dinky store fronts.

          1. re: TonyC

            The dish, much like the chive pockets @ Fortune No. 1, and the green sichuan peppercorn "bo bo" chicken at Chendgu Taste (which, AGAIN, is worth every iota of hype), is what's driving SGV forward right now, not the generic dan dan noodles at wtf-is-that-other-Sichuan-noodle-place-on-Valley-called.


            Yet, there's hype over the tan tan noodles at Chengdu Taste. Those folk aren't seeing the forest for trees and obviously missing out on the real treasures.

            Thanks for the report on Noodles King, Tony.

            1. re: JThur01

              Unsure what you're referring to. The overhyped dan dan mian is at "Lucky" Noodle King.

              There's no "hype" for Chengdu Taste's dan dan mian, especially since Xu is gifting nearly every table with the heat break liang fen. If there is, it's just riding the coat tail of the other dishes.

              Also, there is no error in Farley's reporting. "This is Sichuan cooking that hasn't been seen in a while" is spot on. Chengdu Taste is looking at a source of rabbit heads/brain to replicate the ear to fluffy tail cooking he's used to.

              Last reference on Sichuan rabbit noggin was '06, with zilch answer:

              Your beef with Chengdu Taste's fans is interesting, but Shufeng/Yunnan/Yunkun/Chungking never executed at this level, social media or food wise.

              1. re: TonyC

                I knew precisely who you were referring to dan dan mian wise and BTW, Chengdu Taste's liang fen is best I've had. Good stuff.

                Farley's report was vague, generic and unspecific. It didn't come off like it was written by someone familiar with Sichuan cooking. In that regard, perhaps I'm taking it too literally. Our interpretations of it are more down to semantics rather than any deep seeded disagreement.

                Shufeng, etc. definitely never executed social media (Hell, Shufeng didn't figure how use *signage* for the MPK branch. smh). Concur completely, that social media is a major difference. My beef isn't with legit fans, like yourself and many others. Glad folks are enjoying. Also concur Mr. Xu is making an outstanding effort with dishes he adds and refines. Nothing but good things to say about that sort of effort. FWIW, I also think the lamb I had at Chengdu Taste was the best quality I've had in the SGV.

                1. re: JThur01

                  And just so Farley isn't also mad at me, or to make matters worse, I don't *know* that Farley made an "error" in his reporting, that's more down to semantics, meanings and timing.

                  I covered the rest of it in the expansive thread dedicated to that subject.

                  Now, back to Changsha Dumplings and Noodles King...

            2. re: TonyC

              ahh I see.

              The lady said that some people order the side items and they will serve it on top of the noodles. Good thing I asked for it on the side.

              My tolerance for spicy food is low, and that side dish changed the beef rice noodle from edible, to "too dam spicy" for me.

              Yes, dan dan noodles are increasingly common and even becoming kind of generic now. I now find that 热干面 (hot dry noodle?) hits the spot when I'm looking for carbs. Decent texture, no spice, and pretty hard to F up haha

              1. re: TonyC

                the changsha siu mai was interesting; i saw it ordered by a number of other patrons.

                it's all well and good to push the envelope, but not at the expense of serving things like a $4 scallion pancake that was barely browned and way too heavy for my tastes, especially when the pancake used for the beef roll was much more crisp and less heavy.

                otherwise everything was pretty good, though someone commented that the spicy noodle soup had good noodles, but the broth seemed... off. no one wanted to drink any of it after the noodles were eaten.

                their version of the beef roll drew comments of the beef being more moist. i wouldn't go back just for that myself,

                1. re: barryc

                  Someone elected $4 scallion pancakes despite multiple reports of what this house is all about.

                  also, 75% orders above are from the "flipside", the wheat menu, done up by a Henan chef, not Hunan chef, despite multiple reports of doing otherwise. It seems the spicy beef noodle soup did not have the rice vermicelli made in-house.

                  Huang isn't bleeding edge. He's a restaurateur who knows and loves his province's cuisine. You ordered dumplings and potstickers at a Hunan restaurant. That basically says it all. Tech kiddies apparently call this "user error".

                  1. re: TonyC

                    let your anger cool off and rethink your last rant

                2. re: TonyC

                  So TC, what dishes do you recommend here (in Engrish prease)?

                  1. re: Ciao Bob

                    in Engrish:

                    Basically, I translated and finally found out wtf was going on with Hunan Mao/Hunan's Restaurant/A Li Shan/Hunan Seafood's liquor license application:

                    Also, the sticky rice shao mai is available at Jue Wei as well. For obvs reasons.

                    Finally, Dongpo Meizhou is soft opening this week for those unlucky enough to be lawyering in Century City during Thanksgiving week.

                    1. re: TonyC

                      Another excellent piece Tony. Thanks for sorting it all out and translating it into English.

                      1. re: TonyC

                        Just walked by Dongpo Meizhou. The construction wall still appears to surround the restaurant.

                3. Bull demon king (at this location, called B. D. K.) from temple City, has taken over this spot. It appears to be their third location after temple City and rowland heights.