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Nov 20, 2013 02:11 PM

Going to Milan for two days before cruise need some advice

Looking for great food, doesn't have to be fancy, ambiance would be a plus - will need two places for lunch and two places for dinner. We have not been to Milan but main part of trip will be a cruise leaving from Venice.

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  1. If you like pizza, there's a good place, not fancy but OK prices in Brera, one of Milan's nicest areas, it's called Sibilla (Via Mercato, 14), make sure you book a table because it get's crowded for dinner.
    Restaurants with a view and OK food (higher prices): Signorvino, right behing the Duomo, excellent wine selection, good quality dishes.
    Obikà, is a mozarella bar in the top floor of Rinascente, department store next to the Duomo, fabulous views, nice ambience, good quality cheese but a bit expensive for the portions.
    Another pizzeria: Spontini in Via Spontini, near the Lima metro stop, good for a quick bite while walking/shopping around. They only have one type of pizza (margherita) but it's good.
    If you're patient enough to stand Italian queues, next to Rinascente, in a small street called Via Santa Radegonda there's a place called Luini that you'll recognize from the queues, they have street food called panzerotti, different fillings, cheap and good (only daytime).

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