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Nov 20, 2013 02:00 PM

Disposable paper baking pans

There are several recipes from "Bouchon Bakery" by Thomas Keller et al. that I'd love to make that call for disposable, paper baking pans--specifically, 2.75 and 4.25 inch panettone pans. I know Novacart makes them--P70 and P110. ( for reference


Herein lies the rub. The only source I can find for the P110 only sells a case of them--2,400 pans for $600. That's waaaaaay more pans I need, and way more than I can afford. The P70 from the same company comes in a reasonable 100 pack for $15, plus tax and shipping.

I tried the online customer support chat at They suggested alternative Novacart pans for the P110, but they're all too small or too short or both to work for, say, coffee cake.

Anyone know where I can get 2.75 inch and 4.25 inch disposable pans in consumer quantities? I'd prefer online, but if anyone knows a place near Detroit that has them....

I've also tried Amazon, but I can only find the 2.75 inch pans. King Arthur's website didn't have both, nor did Williams-Sonoma or

(Bouchon Bakery suggest Sur la Table for them, but the 4.25 inch ones aren't in stock, and the 2.75 inch ones are pricey.)

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  1. Amazon has a pretty good selection. You can check to see if they have the size you need. I got a reasonable quantity for a reasonable price somewhere a couple of years ago. Maybe Williams-Sonoma? If you google "paper baking pans" you'll find a lot of sources, including King Arthur Flour.

    1. I see you already checked there.

      How about WS? They rank them by weight, like 1/4 lb, 1 lb, etc. but the small one looks very small. You might give them a call.

      I bought them a few years ago but can't remember where.

      1. Thank for your replies!

        Unfortunately, what I need are round pans. :(

        The recipe notes you can use a mini-springform pan in lieu of the 4.25 inch pans. I loathe springform pans, but I might give that a shot if I can't find the round, paper ones....

        1. I have 18 tabs open on my computer right now or I'd check for you, but last time I was at The Container Store, I noticed they had quite a selection of paper baking pans. Check their site; they ship nationwide.

          I've also seen them at Michaels, the chain craft store. Don't think they ship from their website, but maybe you have one by you.

          Don't know if you have Smart & Final by you either, but the one closest to my house here in LA carries a TON of disposable baking pans in strange sizes. Both paper and aluminum.

          My last suggestion would be to look for aluminum pans and sub those if at all possible. I've used disposable ones thousands of times when baking and actually prefer them to my expensive pans for many things. They seem to bake quite evenly, with no hard/dark edges before your centers are set. I've used them to bake everything from muffins to layer cakes to yeast pastries and yeast breads.

          If you are open to that idea, then a store like Smart and Final would definitely have what you're looking for. Mine carries small oven-safe disposable aluminum pans in every size from 3 to 12".

          Only other thing I can think of are Wilton mini cake pans. I believe they're about 4.5" in diameter. They are not disposable, but very very cheap (like 3 for $5).