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What is your favorite dessert place in Manhattan?

HardCider Nov 20, 2013 12:18 PM

So I have been living in NYC for several months and have tried numerous dessert places (Levain bakery, Lady M, Rice to Riches, Momofuku Milk Bar, Doughnut Plant, Magnolia Bakery, Wafels & Dinges) and I am always on the hunt for new desserts to try. What are your favorites?

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    acssss RE: HardCider Nov 20, 2013 12:31 PM

    For me, it has changed over the years, but right now? Dominique Ansel Bakery!

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      Tommy D. RE: HardCider Nov 20, 2013 12:34 PM

      I love Benoit for classic French desserts. During Sunday brunch you can have unlimited desserts for $18!

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        thegforceny RE: HardCider Nov 20, 2013 01:06 PM

        Michel Richard in the Palace Hotel

        1. Monica RE: HardCider Nov 20, 2013 01:12 PM

          try dough'ssant(sp??) from Chikalicious.
          One of my favorite desserts for me right now.
          and passion fruit macarons from Maison du macarons.

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          1. re: Monica
            acssss RE: Monica Nov 20, 2013 01:22 PM

            Dough'ssant?? Is that like the cronut? That is the reason I picked Dominique Ansel Bakery - it really is something special! I wonder if I should be a true CH and buy one from each shop and taste them side by side (it will be for research purposes, of course)

            1. re: acssss
              Monica RE: acssss Nov 20, 2013 01:30 PM

              I haven't tasted cronut from Dominique Ansel bakery yet but I have heard and read that doughssant is actually better than cronut. I recently had creme brulee doussant and I thought I died and went to heaven. Try both and tell us which you like better.

              1. re: Monica
                coasts RE: Monica Nov 21, 2013 05:06 AM

                Monica, you know they sell doughssant at Treehaus, right?

                1. re: coasts
                  Monica RE: coasts Nov 21, 2013 08:24 AM

                  haha, yes, I get all my chikalicious goodies from treehaus. I haven't been to the actual chikalicious in years.

              2. re: acssss
                Ttrockwood RE: acssss Nov 20, 2013 01:57 PM

                I have yet to try a cronut, but regardless the chikalicious one is amazing in its own right

            2. a
              AquaAllegoria RE: HardCider Nov 20, 2013 01:56 PM

              Spot Dessert Bar in the East Village. It's quite small and crowded most of the time but that Smoked Coconut Cheesecake mmmmmm.

              1. Ttrockwood RE: HardCider Nov 20, 2013 02:11 PM

                Two little red hens- whatever they have chocolate that day

                City bakery- highlights for me are their chocolate chunk cookie and the pretzel croissant, about twice a year i get their insane hot chocolate

                Bouchon bakery- the "better nutter" pb sandwich cookie, and the classic macaron flavors

                Buttercup bakery- in the morning sometimes they have muffins- very mom made them style. I also like the cake slices (fyi they're huge), hummingbird is my go to

                Grom- the hazelnut and pistachio are favorites

                Peter Pan Donuts- in greenpoint, brooklyn but must mention- best donut i've had in nyc, perfectly light and eggy french cruller

                1. zeeEats RE: HardCider Nov 20, 2013 02:34 PM

                  I like Takahachi Bakery downtown for their Japanese desserts and pastries. Their souffle cheesecake is heavenly. Am also a fan of Dominique Ansel Bakery, Two Little Red Hens, Francois Payard, Birdbath, Sprinkles, Molly's and Milk Bar.

                  That said, I actually prefer restaurant desserts over specialty dessert shops such as Spot or Chikalicious. The NoMad, Locanda Verde, The Dutch (pies), Gramercy Tavern, L'Apicio and L'Artusi make some of my favorite desserts in the city.

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                  1. re: zeeEats
                    foodwhisperer RE: zeeEats Nov 22, 2013 07:37 PM

                    I'll second Takahachi Bakery, especially for their maron pie( a chestnut pastry).
                    I also second Peter J on Minomoto Kitchoan, I love this place.
                    Chikaicious I've been to a few times and it was great but for some reason I haven't gone back in a year.
                    Amorino is my favorite gelato place and I go there weekly. Del Arte Gelato(7th ave south) has a new name the gelato seems better than before.
                    Dominic Ansel has some really good stuff.
                    I used to go to Pig and Khao just for halo halo, but I stopped going there since the original chef/owner left.
                    As far as Middle Eastern pastries, Cedars Bakery in Sunset Park is the best IMO.

                  2. p
                    peter j RE: HardCider Nov 20, 2013 03:28 PM

                    Bathazar Bakery
                    Minamoto Kitchoan
                    Yura on Madison
                    Lady M

                    1. ipsedixit RE: HardCider Nov 20, 2013 06:48 PM

                      In the summer: Je & Jo

                      1. ellenost RE: HardCider Nov 21, 2013 03:56 AM

                        Lady M, Levain, Milk Bar, Dessert Club ChikaLicious, Macaron Parlour, Laduree, Bisous Ciao.

                        1. JungMann RE: HardCider Nov 21, 2013 06:45 AM

                          I have a weak spot for Viennese pastries so Café Sabarsky is always high on my list. Ladurée macarons are great for traditional flavors, but I also like the creative ideas at Macaron Parlour. Occasionally I'll get a hankering for sesame balls or layered rice cake (sapin-sapin) which prompts a trip to Mei Li Wah if I don't feel like going to Queens.

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                          1. re: JungMann
                            coasts RE: JungMann Nov 21, 2013 08:53 PM

                            Yes, Sabarsky! i never seem to think of it unless i'm at the Met.

                          2. t
                            tpigeon RE: HardCider Nov 21, 2013 06:47 AM

                            I am going to throw in Il Laboratorio del Gelato, Kees and Maison du Chocolate in addition to the great ones already mentioned on this board.

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                            1. re: tpigeon
                              ipsedixit RE: tpigeon Nov 21, 2013 08:04 AM

                              Re: Il Lab

                            2. b
                              BuildingMyBento RE: HardCider Nov 21, 2013 08:24 PM

                              I've enjoyed a couple of things (almond croissant, babka) at Breads Bakery, but I wonder if anyone can suggest a Greek dessert place in Manhattan...

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                              1. re: BuildingMyBento
                                Pookipichu RE: BuildingMyBento Nov 21, 2013 11:19 PM

                                I haven't been able to find good Greek pastries in Manhattan, you're better off going to Artopolis in Queens if you don't mind hopping on the subway.

                                1. re: Pookipichu
                                  JungMann RE: Pookipichu Nov 22, 2013 07:04 AM

                                  Have you been to Al-Sham Bakery or Laziza Pastry Shop? I agree that the baklava in New York is in pretty bad shape (Güllüoğlu used to be a diamond in the rough but has been disappointing lately) so I've meant to try these two Astoria bakeries for the not-too-sweet style of Middle Eastern baklava. I hear Artopolis and Titan Foods are very syrupy, though I'll probably give it a try while I'm there.

                                  I used to stop by Poseidon pretty often for tiropita when I lived on the West Side, but nothing there has really warranted a crosstown trip since I moved.
                                  I used to go to Poseidon when I was on the West Side and I think it's charming, but it hasn't warranted a trip crosstown for me when I get better phyllo pastries from Mama Gyro nowadays.

                                  1. re: JungMann
                                    Pookipichu RE: JungMann Nov 22, 2013 07:13 AM

                                    I haven't been to Al-Sham or Laziza. For Middle Eastern pastries I usually go to Brooklyn. The main reason I go to Artopolis is because of melomakarona/finikia. Their galaktoboureko is excellent too. Everything just has amazing quality considering the quantity they produce. Their baklava is definitely sweet but no sweeter than the various Middle Eastern bakeries I've tried in Brooklyn.

                                  2. re: Pookipichu
                                    uwsgrazer RE: Pookipichu Nov 23, 2013 10:58 AM

                                    +1 for Artopolis in Queens. Nice quality and huge and varied selection. And you can even sit at a table to enjoy your food with a coffee.

                                  3. re: BuildingMyBento
                                    zeeEats RE: BuildingMyBento Nov 22, 2013 05:34 AM

                                    There's a pretty good Greek bakery in Hell's Kitchen. They don't have the biggest selection but the goodies are always fresh.


                                    1. re: zeeEats
                                      Pookipichu RE: zeeEats Nov 22, 2013 05:57 AM

                                      I've been to Poseidon and it's bleh in my opinion. Their finikia recipe tastes off. The quality of their ingredients is not great. If you get a chance to try Artopolis, I highly recommend it over every Greek bakery in Manhattan.

                                      Just read some of the yelp reviews and confirms my skepticism of yelp. I grew up with homemade Greek food, Poseidon is not completely awful but definitely not a great representation of Greek sweets, it's like a Greek Veniero's.

                                      1. re: zeeEats
                                        BuildingMyBento RE: zeeEats Nov 22, 2013 05:32 PM

                                        Cheers again for your help, zeeEats!

                                        Good to see that you're on top of buttery and Greek desserts!

                                    2. b
                                      Blumie RE: HardCider Nov 22, 2013 04:45 PM

                                      Sometimes I just gotta have me a cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

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                                      1. re: Blumie
                                        ipsedixit RE: Blumie Nov 22, 2013 10:00 PM

                                        along the same lines, sometimes (esp. during the summer months) I just gotta have me a Mister Softee soft serve cone.

                                      2. waitress RE: HardCider Nov 22, 2013 10:07 PM

                                        One of my favorite repeat is Colicchio & Sons, my last visit, the chef made key lime doughnuts with coconut milk ice cream.

                                        1. r
                                          RogueFoodie RE: HardCider Nov 23, 2013 07:45 PM

                                          I like Levain as well as Grom. Though Grom is on the pricier side, they serve excellent gelato.

                                          Beard Papa's on the UWS is great for crème puffs.

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