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Nov 20, 2013 11:43 AM

Any musings on Chef Gibson's new place Davenport?

We will be up in Portland in mid December and will most likely go here based on his cooking at Evoe. Has anyone been? Any critiques?

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  1. Ate their Friday. The June space is still pretty much the same which is nice because it is a well done interior. Smallish plates ranging from about ten to eighteen bucks. You could fill up quickly as some dishes are larger than you might expect (the roasted beets for instance are delicious but surprisingly rich and there are a lot of pieces). The tenderloin was exceptional. Not much sense in detailing dishes as the menu changes every day (it was written by hand when we were there with about fifteen items on it!) Wine list is very good. I would imagine cocktails are very basic. If you liked EVOE or had thought about going but never got around to it you should definitely go here.

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      Thanks for the intel. Can't wait for our next visit to try it out!