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Nov 20, 2013 11:01 AM

Kitchen timer with lanyard

The latest postings I could find on this were pretty old, so I'll ask.

Can you recommend a decent kitchen timer with a lanyard, or rope, to wear around the neck? (I'm such a geek).

The one I have doesn't have the brand name on it and has a manual dial up to one hour. Pretty lame. And now when it goes off, it's a very brief 1/2 second "brrrring!" and sometimes I miss it. Even when it's hanging around my neck.

We have a large house and I need one that's very loud (online ones don't work) and has a lanyard so it's impossible to not hear it.

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  1. Hi, sandia:

    Hmmm, not aware of one with lanyard, but you can find stopwatches that have them.

    What about an app for your phone? There's for IPhones and for Android.

    Personally, my hearing is so bad these days I need a siren and a flashing light wired up to my timers.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Hi kaleo:

      Ha! Me too. And if I'm on the other side of the house, forget it. And I get so distracted sometimes doing other things I forget there is something in the oven and, as you know, the Aga vents out all the smells from cooking so I can't smell it. Oy.

      I tried an app on my iPad but it wasn't loud enough. I don't have an iPhone because we don't have service out here in the mountains.

      Flashing there's an idea :-)

      1. re: sandiasingh

        Hi, sandia:

        There is this:

        Ooh, I hit the jackpot with the timers here: They even have a lanyard model for you. The last one, called the "Screaming Meanie" is 120dB!


        1. re: kaleokahu

          Hahaha! I figured there was an industrial version out there. Many good choices here.

          Glad to know it's not just me . . . . . . :-)

          Thanks, kaleo!

          1. re: kaleokahu

            I like that the one on the rope has a flashing light, too. You definitely hit the kitchen timer jackpot with this site.

      2. I have about 10 (no joke) dollar store digital timers. They clip onto your clothes so I attach mine to, like, my turtleneck so that I don't miss it. Very handy and dirt cheap. I do have an iPhone timer app but I never hear it in my pocket.

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        1. re: Nyleve

          I use cheap clip-on ones too, along with the iPhone timer!

          1. re: sr44

            In particular:

            You key in the time rather than count up. Easy to set one-handed. Great timer.

            Available in white and black.

            I see that this was already recommended by ninrn. I did not click on the link because I do not think the buttons are tiny (they are certainly small), a subjective matter, and as far as I know, you cannot do two timings at once.

            I always set it one-handed, but fingers are different.

            1. re: ppllkk

              It's good to hear from someone who has actually used on of these. I thought it was possible to do two timings at once because of this line in one of the top reviews: "One thing not mentioned in most reviewes is that all three functions operate simultaenously, that is you can time two functions at once, as well as looking at the clock" .

              1. re: ninrn

                That is a great function. I have an Aga with four ovens and a small electric stove/oven and sometimes they are all going at once.

                1. re: sandiasingh

                  I think ppllkk has used it and is saying it doesn't have that dual timer function. Maybe the Amazon reviewer was wrong? (Though it's hard to imagine how someone could make a mistake about something like that.)

                  1. re: ninrn

                    Yes, I see now. In that case, I need two!

                    1. re: ninrn

                      I tried it again, and you can count up and count down at the same time and switch between the two by pressing the buttons. I did not press the buttons hard enough when I first tried. I essentially never use the buttons.

                      But it does not have two countdown timers. I am really sure of that.

                      P. S. I experimented with the timer a little bit more and you can set a countdown timer, change to count up mode and start counting up, and the countdown timer will tell you when it has counted down.

                      You can then switch back to count up mode which has not been affected by the countdown timer and see where it is.

                      So, if you don't mind looking at the count up timer to see how much time is left, you can time two things at the same time.

            2. Have you seen this article by David Lebovitz on finding the perfect kitchen timer?

              The timer he recommends has a loop at the back that you can probably run a cord through: .

              I also like this one (didn't see it on the Polder link above). It lets you do two timings at once, but the buttons are tiny and may be easy to jostle off by accident:

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              1. re: ninrn

                That looks like a good choice, ninrm, very affordable and the reviews are great. Some people came back 10 years later and re-reviewed it favorably.

                I will also check out the dollar store. Cheap enough to have more than one.


                1. re: sandiasingh

                  Sorry, SS, looks like I was revising my post even as you were reading it. It's just that as I was looking for timers I saw the Lebovitz article and the last lines seemed perfect for this thread.

                2. re: ninrn

                  My Polder timer arrived and I love it. Yes, the buttons are very tiny but are not a problem. It beeps for 60 seconds and is very lightweight. The only problem I almost had was to get the lanyard through the teeny hole of the timer. But I used a bamboo skewer and voila!

                  Thank you for all the good recc's here.

                3. Thermoworks has one. And they make very high quality products.

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                  1. re: goodeatsgal

                    Until I saw that you recommended it, I was going to recommend this one too.

                    Thermoworks makes the Thermapen, which is the defacto standard thermometer for professional chefs.

                    I recently bought their new Chef Alarm, which is an extremely high quality probe thermometer (with timer). It not only alarms at increasing temps, but alarms at decreasing temps too (for when you're cooling ice cream, or wanting to maintain a minimum temp for fermenting yogurt, etc.) It's incredibly useful.

                    Mr Taster