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Nov 20, 2013 10:57 AM

Acme Smoked Fish

A bunch of us are planning an "excursion" to Acme this Friday. We plan to explore the neighborhood, after we finish at Acme.
Any ideas as to what stores we should hit, and where we should go for lunch?
Last time we went just happened into a Polish restaurant on that main street a few blocks north(?) of Acme, (don't remember the name of the street or the restaurant, but there were loads of shops and restaurants).
Any ideas on "must dos" would be appreciated.

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  1. I visited Acme for the first time a couple of months ago. I took some out of town guests. We picked up bagels at Bagelsmith on Bedford and made a picnic at the East River Park, entrance at end of N.8th St. with our haul from Acme and the Polish butcher shops on Manhattan Ave. If weather is nice or tolerable, this is an option.

    For butchers, Steve's (on Nassau Ave.), Sikorski, and Kiszka have all sorts of various kielbasa, and hunter sausages.... Polish cheeses you can get at The Garden or at the Associated on Manhattan Ave.... The Polski Meat Market has interesting prepared foods including a raw sausage, a black smoked "wedding" kielbasa, and Polish beef tartare....Across the street is Peter Pan bakery, home of awesome donuts.

    Northside Bakery. It's on N.8th in Williamsburg is an amazing bakery with everything done on site- both breads and pastries. They also do a very good lunch and late afternoon steam table service of Polish foods like pierogies, rolled cabbage, cheese blintzes, etc.

    Brouwerij Lane is great for beer tastings (they serve in small sizes). They open at noon. You can visit the above shops and take your haul back and snack while you sip here....

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      Two big thumbs up on Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Avenue). State-of-the-art beer selection with 19 taps and a cask.

      W Nassau is a Polish meat store on Manhattan Ave. near Greenpoint Ave. with excellent smoked pork loin...or cross the street for more of the same and a wall of kielbasa at Polam.

      My suggestion for a good stroll: Walk from Acme along Franklin Street (Brooklyn Label has coffee and lunch food) all the way up and bear right to Box Street. You'll reach the nifty creek-front park...then back down Manhattan Avenue. Other choices along the way are Ash Box Cafe, the lobster place, and Rzechowska Bakery for babka...or Peter Pan for donuts, especially the Autumn Spice and chocolate cake-type.

      Eat good...and if you're still in the 'hood around 5:30, there's always Paulie Gee's wood-oven pizza.

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        I believe Northside Bakery used to be called Old Poland Restaurant and Bakery. Years ago it was the only Polish restaurant worth eating at in Greenpoint. They baked their own breads and Babka. I haven't been there in years. I'll check out Northside to see if anything changed. 20 years ago I frequented the area. Ridgewood, around FreshPond Rd or Forest Ave, is the growing Polish neighborhood, with good Polish groceries, a couple of restaurants. I used to frequent Marshall's smoked fish, now closed ( the sign is still there though).
        Brouwerij Lane sounds great.

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Same company just changed the bakery name. I wrote them up here in 2006 actually. Bakery is getting better. Steam table is still solid and a good value. Pastries are decent depending on item.

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            I'll have to check it out. I used to like their babka. I always order chicken cutlet ( i'm so lame haha)

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              Babka there is whatever. It's usually packaged. This is first and foremost a bread bakery. I like the 7-grain. Bought one last month. It was fresh from the oven. Too hot for the slicer. When I got home it was still piping. Ended up ripping off chunks and spreading chive butter. Decadent peasant eating.

              If you want something sweet try the paczi, Polish donuts. I like the cheese blintzes as well. From the steam table the bigos is great, also like standards such as rolled cabbage, pierogies, and the tomato dill soup. The pork ribs are good too. On Fridays they will sometimes do a nice fish dish that they call "Greek style". As you can tell, I really love this place.

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                Yep, sounds like you're a "regular" there. I used to be years ago at Old Poland. I'll have to get back there and check it out. Maybe even today , haha

      2. Silverjay,

        Thank you so much. Your response is fabulous. I will print it out and take it with us.
        You provided us with a great walking/eating /shopping tour of the neighborhood. I am soooo excited!!!

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        1. re: bxgirl

          If you're at Steve's Meat Market get a kielbasa call Swojska Domowa... Mmmm

        2. Five Leaves is the most delicious non-Polish resto in that part of the 'point, but likely to be bonkers, as it is seemingly 24/7.

          Peter Pan donuts, as recommended by others, is a must.

          Also, now that the secret's out, Acme has had pretty long lines as of late. Be prepared to wait, but as it sounds like you'll be with friends, that should make the time pass.

          If you're up for a 15 minute walk after lunch, The Meat Hook/Brooklyn Kitchen is a chef's paradise.

          1. UPDATE:
            Thank you all for the great recommendations.
            We did get to Acme later than I usually get there (got there around 10), so there was a line, but it moved quickly. There seemed to be more staff than usual. When we left, the line was RIDICULOUS!
            We headed right to Steve's and it was fabulous. We were the only ones there and they couldn't have been more pleasant or accommodating. A true find. We did get samples to taste, and wound up buying the wedding kielbasa and some of the skinny ones that the guy said were good as hors d'oeuvres.We hit Northside Bakery and bought cranberry, walnut bread. Saw some people eating lunch, but wanted to head back towards Manhattan Ave and find a place there to eat.
            The restaurant we had gone to last time we were at Acme closed (it was on Manhattan close to Meserole), so we walked on Manhattan to see what we could find.
            We ended up at a restaurant right near the G station. Crazy, but my friend CALLED Steve's, told them we were the three women who had just been in, and asked if they could suggest a place to eat. They suggested this place, and we got the $12.00 lunch special. It included soup (a huge bowl of Ukrainian borscht), the lunch platter (potato pancakes, pierogi, sausage and a huge stuffed cabbage) and dessert!!
            My friend ate her soup and took the rest of the food home!!It was fabulous... huge amounts of very good food. I took a card but it is all in Polish. The address is 694 Manhattan Avenue and it was a perfect ending to the day.
            so, thankyou all agin. It was great.

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              That's Krowleskie Jadlo. Glad you enjoyed your Greenpoint trip!

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                I was there at Acme around the same time as you and the line was very long.

              2. The original comment has been removed