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Nov 20, 2013 10:57 AM

Unsliced stuffing bread???

Anyone know where i can find unsliced stuffing bread? I live in the Westfield area. It's a must for my Thanksgiving stuffing!

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  1. I know Great Harvest is selling not only seasoned stuffing bread but loaves that many use for stuffing. I'm not sure if there is one in your area but any local bakery should have unsliced bread.

    1. ShopRite carries it every year....I'd be willing to bet almost any supermarket does as well.

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      1. re: fourunder

        Was in wegman's today. I believe they carry sliced seasoned and unseasoned stuffing bread. I think I'm going to give it a try.

        1. re: toonik

          Sure they do, and the OP knows that. Here we have a case of "Look at me, I have my own food blog!" How can anyone have their own blog, that they actually sell food related items through, not know where to get bread that is a 'must' for their holiday meal?

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            I think op wanted unsliced for some reason, larger chunks I umagibe

        2. Is there a particular bread you're looking for? Nearly any bread can be used for stuffing depending on your preference of couse.

          1. Both ShopRite and Stop'NShop always have it around the holidays.

            1. We always used the unsliced stuffing bread for our stuffin muffins,........BUT ,...this year we saw a recipe for stuffing using "ONION Rolls" as the bread!!.......gonna try it will report back after Thanksgiving....enjoy.

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                Wow that sounds great! Look forward to your report

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                  Oh do you have a link? That sounds awesome!

                  1. re: thedryer

                    Just make you normal stuffing but substitue the "Onion Rolls" as the BREAD,....then put the mixture in a MUFFIN pan in the oven to make separate individual portions....when done pop them out and serve a stuffin' muffin cupcake!! enjoy