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Nov 20, 2013 09:23 AM

Albany healthy challenge

so here's the scoop. my wife is on good behavior. i try to be but i'm a bit more flexible although i don't eat meat or poultry. so far so good. now here's the tough part, a few months ago we moved my mom to the area from long island. she's 93 and gets around pretty well. her diet is more restrictive. no spice at all. she's fine with italian, chinese but generally those are not on the healthy side and also more expensive. so here's the challenge.

the albany area including surrounding towns. good food that's behaved but will satisfy all of us and won't break the bank.

any thoughts?

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  1. kind of a tall order! one thing I thought of is Albany Pump House does nice entree-sized salads. if you can get more specific we could help more easily.

    1. I think you need to develop a relationship with some owners/chefs, so they can prepare what you need the way you need it. Milano's should work, maybe Mio Posto in Saratoga, the DZ group, Tala Bistro, are places that come to mind that should be willing to work with you about portions, spicing, whatever you need. But you won't be able to reserve a table and expect to be accommodated; you'll have to make a prior contact and discuss your needs with the chef or manager. I'm sure they'll be able to rise to the challenge. All of the places I mentioned have healthier options alongside less healthy ones, and should be able to accommodate both your wife and your mother. Plenty of other places around that should work, using this approach, too.