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Nov 20, 2013 09:20 AM

Stem Ginger in CT

Do I find stem ginger in syrup in an asain market? Thanks!

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  1. Just checked an Asian grocery in Milford with no luck.

    1. I am only familiar with stem ginger in syrup as a British food. Is it used in Asian cooking too? Absolute worst case, you could make your own if you're so inclined. I would imagine it is fairly easy, since it is just chunks of ginger poached in a simple syrup.

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        Thanks mels, I did find a recipe online last night and it seems fairly easy. If I buy it on amazon a small jar would cost me almost $20 where I could make it for probably less than $2.00! It does copme from China, that's why I tried the asian market. I might try one more place , a european market in Waterbury on Wolcott Rd since I will be up that way this weekend.

        1. re: mels

          Made it today and it was easy enough, now it can soak in the syrup in the fridge until I need it for the recipe.

          1. re: javaandjazz

            Now I am dying to know...what are you going to use it for? I love ginger, so I am all ears when it comes to new ways of eating it!