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Thanksgiving sides that are easy to reheat

I am bringing thanksgiving dinner to my grandparents home, two hours away. I will be cooking the day before. I plan on reheating the turkey there, using a bit of broth to keep it moist, reheating mashed potatoes, keeping stuffing warm in my travel crockpot, and bring chilled cranberry sauce. Any ideas on sides that will reheat well? I have little to no counter space, and do not want to bring too many pots and pans. Microwave and oven would work best.
Also, I would really like to make my spinach gratin but will it reheat or will the sauce break??


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  1. A gratin may break.....

    I make my dressing & green bean casserole a day ahead and they've both reheated just fine.

    1. Salads are always good: tossed, or a grain based salad (with an oil based dressing), or a fruit salad.

      I'm curious how you'll reheat the turkey?

      1. Since we often get together with friends to which I have to bring a lot of the sides......almost all of the "traditional" will re-heat with only a scant loss in texture/taste( as long as covered). I do caramelized onions and those need to be done in fry electric frypan on site. But I also use Crockpots (pre warmed with water that is then emptied) to reheat most of the other things.

        I think my wife's apple crisp.made a day or 2 earlier, is better reheated

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          FCF: I'm planning to make apple crisp for dessert but haven't started researching recipes yet--will your wife share hers? I'm trying to make everything I can a day or two ahead of time, so this sounds perfect.

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            Well it was originally mine..adapted from Sunset magazine. See if they have it on-line. She peels her apples.i never did.

            It's simple

            Apples, dash of lemon juice (we usally use Granny smith)

            Topping...equal parts brown sugar and flour......lots of butter cut in. Cinnamon to taste ( I add nutmeg) A little butter to dot the top. 350 for one hour

            Sometimes served with either Vanilaa IC or Whipped Cream, but often not

        2. In terms of a green vegetable, I'd just bring some raw vegetables, that have already been trimmed and steam or roast them there. They will be much tastier than reheated vegetables, which to me are always too mushy. It's going to take a while for the turkey to reheat anyway, which will give you sufficient time to cook the veggies. I realize that they may have limited counter-space and you don't want to use a lot of pots & pans, but if the vegetables are already cleaned & trimmed, at most you will be using a single pot to steam them on the stove.

          1. Fresh Peas... sauce shouldn't breal if warmed slowly.

            1. I think the gratin might break, though I've had great luck reheating most of our Thankgiving sides but our dinner isn't too fancy. The mashed potatoes, stuffing can be reheated in a low oven covered. Turkey can be reheated similarly. Macaroni and cheese reheats like a champ a well, collard green, green beans (I'm thinking of smothered green beans not green bean casserole). We're too impatient to wait for the oven at 3am when we dig into leftovers and use the microwave, cover with a damp papertowel and heat on lower power. My trick for the turkey which isn't really a trick is to wrap it in a wet papertowel and let it heat alone, it comes out piping hot without drying out and then reheat everything else and the turkey is ready to eat by the time that's all done.

              1. Microwave and oven work best for your cooking or re-heating? If you can prepare this the day before, it will travel well and re-heat in the microwave. Sting Beans with Shallots.


                How many people are you feeding?

                1. A roasted squash dish would rewarm easily, this one is great- i just used real parmesan:
                  You could prep the ingredients ahead (except don't slice the apples) and assemble there:

                  And this cabbage salad would travel well: