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Nov 20, 2013 07:54 AM

Greek restaurants in Montreal

My husband and I are traveling to Montreal mid-week next week. We've heard a lot about the quality of the Greek cuisine in Montreal and would like lunch and dinner suggestions. Surprisingly the Chow board doesn't seem to have anything recent that's specific to Greek food (with the exception of the vegan post in May, but we don't need to be quite as focused as that). Obviously Milos comes up in standard Google searches, so we'd love to hear people's take on that, but we'd also LOVE more recommendations. Efharisto!

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  1. Milo's is wonderful for lunch. I would highly recommend it and it's the best deal in town. There is also Mythos( fun, loud and good enough food), Lezvos and Molivos (nice restaurants but a bit boring) and Zante(never been but I hear it is good). I would also recommend Cafe Ferreira or bar F, they are both Portuguese restaurants owned by the same team. I find they have a very similar sensibility (heavy on seafood) to the Greek restaurants that I love.

    1. Josie has all the good Greek Restos. Milos for lunch at 20.13$ is the best quality=price offering in Montreal you cannot miss there. My next choice that Josie did not have is Barbounya on Laurier West a newcomer to Montreal with Turkish/Greek cuisine that has a nice balance of Fish and Meat.

      1. I'd just add that other than their lunch special, Milos can be expensive.

        1. If you want more casual greek dining, there is Panama, Ellada, Nostos, Tripoli and Atomic. If you search on the board there should be quite a few posts.

          1. Really Milos pricey, but it's hard to find fault. There's a reason it comes up with such regularity. If it exceeds the budget at dinner do as others have suggested: the $20.13 lunch or after-10pm menus are absolutely incredible values.

            I also like the food at Ferreira but it has the worst clientele (no offence to Josie - I suspect you're not the type I'm referring to). It's not as bad in the cold months as during the summer, but it isn't a place I like going for that reason alone.

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              What's the matter with Ferreira's clientele?