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Nov 20, 2013 07:50 AM

Where are the Best Gourmet Burgers? [moved from Manhattan]

Cheeseburgers are probably one of my most favorite foods to eat, and I have to say, I think of myself as quite a connoisseur. With all of the new gourmet burger places popping up, I was wondering if anyone had a favorite. Some of the best I've been to are Bobby Flay's Burger Place, Five Guys Burgers, and Red Robin would top my favorites list. I hope there are more out there that I missed, so I can check them out.


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  1. Black label at Minetta Tavern

    1. If Five Guys is a gourmet burger, what category does something like the DB burger belong in?

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        Hi, sorry I should have been clearer. Gourmet means it is a high-quality product, and/or prepared with a high level of skill. When Bobby Flay's opened, the reviews were "everything is great except the meat."

        Bobby produced a show on Food Network called Meat Men, and one of the things they do is make custom grinds for burgers. I suspect, they did a grind for Bobby, shortly after the launch of this restaurants, because his gourmet burger went on to win the People's Choice award at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash in Feb 2013.

        So I would call these gourmet because of the grind and the preparation. It's one of the few places I have been to that will cook a rare burger. Here's a picture.

        I've never been to DB.

        1. re: NicoleDiLayne

          I think you'll find this to be quite a knowledgeable group. We have been enjoying Pat Lafrieda custom blends for quite some time.

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            That's great =) Do you know if they are supplying the meat for the burgers at Bobby Flay's? I'm just dying to know.

          2. re: NicoleDiLayne

            "It's one of the few places I have been to that will cook a rare burger."

            What? I think you have been going to the wrong places. Try Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, Burger & Barrel, Diner, Spotted Pig, Market Table, DBGB, Landmarc, Minetta Tavern, any good steakhouse...

            Have you done any burger research on this board, Grub Street, Time Out, or Serious Eats?

            1. re: NicoleDiLayne

              Your list isn't what comes to mind when I think gourmet burgers. The list is more like what burger chains do you like that are not McD, BK, WC or Wendy's. Five Guys, Red Robin? Sure those are better than McD but really, that's the best you have had? You haven't even listed Shake Shack or In and Out as among the better chains. Never had a 2x2 animal style or a Shack Stack? If that's the best you have had, I would not wear the badge of a connoisseur just yet. You've missed a quite a bit but I suspect you may get a shock with the DB Burger at $32.

          3. Burgers are one of the most subjective and divisive topics on these boards.

            Maybe you could clarify what you mean by "gourmet burger" since, love it or hate it, I doubt many would put Five Guys in that category?

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              Noted, and sorry for the lack of detail. Here's a Business Insider article on the expanding gourmet burger business, of which Five Guys is featured. But I do realize it is all a personal taste, no pun intended.


            2. Agree with others - you list fast food burgers. (Is there even a Red Robin in NYC? Or a Bobby Flay's for that matter?) For NYC, 'gourmet' burgers are db Bistro Moderne, Minetta's Black Label, maybe Spotted Pig.

              1. At a similar price point to those you mentioned nyc now has a fat burger (i can't vouch for it myself)

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                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  I have heard a lot about Fat Burgers and I didn't know opened locally, thanks for the tip!