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Nov 20, 2013 07:32 AM

Recs for group of 12 (with kids) in Los Osos vicinity?

Our family of 12 will be looking for a couple of good places to eat in/near Los Osos next week. We've got 4 small kids, so we're not interested in anything high end, but we all like good food. I'm familiar with Morro Bay restaurants, and we're already planning on Taco Temple, but can anyone recommend family-friendly places in Los Osos where the wait for a group of that size might not be hours? I know there's a diner just off the 101 at the Los Osos Valley Rd exit, but don't know anything about it. Would love recs for breakfast & lunch. Thanks!

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  1. Morro Bay is closer than the Los Osos Valley rd exit. Call in advance to make sure they can accomodate you, but Cecila's Garden Cafe does a nice breakfast\lunch.

    I'd also call ahead for Taco Temple, it's not a large place either.

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      Thanks. I never knew Taco Temple took calls ahead!

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        I don't know that they will. But I do know they are not that large and there is usually a wait.

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        We tried Cecila's, and it was a hit with everyone. thanks!

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          Glad it worked out. I aleays enjoy it when when we go there. You picked a good week. I don't think the weather could have been much better.

      3. Lotus Thai on 9th st--takeout, but delicious food from a Thai native and her son; hubby Mike runs front--has east coast sense of humor (bit gruff) but heart of gold. (ex-golden gloves)

        Osteeni's Italian around the corner from Lotus--good food OK for families.

        Sylvester's Burgers a block east of Osteeni's. Over the top burgers from $6-10, including Hearst Ranch (yes, that Hearst) grass-fed burgers. Patio seating for lg. parties but this time of year, it's coldish, so bring layers--hats, gloves, scarves--for outdoor activities.

        La Palapa in Baywood Park (the part of LO that is on the Bay near the low numbered streets) on 2nd St is great. There is also a little coffee house there.

        There is a pop-up bakery in Baywood, open only a couple of days a week on 3rd St near where it meets Santa Ysabel. Great rustic Euorpean breads and pastries.

        Bayside Café--across the bay to the north at the foot of the golf course in MB St Pk/ Marina parking lot. Sandwiches, salads and aiin course entees run from $8-20. Good desserts!

        Good Tides Café on 2nd st Baywood Park. Great Vegan café across the street from Palapa. She makes almost everything she serves, including Kraut! Good food b'fast and lunch.

        The Bottle liquor store on N Main in downtown-ish MB makes outrageous breakfast burritos at their grill. They do sandos too for takeout picnics--nothing 'gourmet' but very filling.

        My favorite burgerjoint/diner is the Wee Shack, on N. Main in MB next to Taco Bell near the Highway 41&101 interchange. I like it better than Sylvestors --which often overcooks their patties (warning for rare beef lovers)--Wee's can and does cook your patty to order preference. Very nice family who take their business seriously. Very kid friendly and rear patio is nice in good weather. Fireplace for chilly days. Milkshake of the month and special burger of the day. 'John Wayne' is awesome with Chipotle Bacon. At busy times, i.e.: holidays at noon, can be slow but all is carefully prepared (as opposed to Sylvestor's which can mangel an order) and delicious.

        Are you set for T-day meals? Historically, not many places open around here. Plan ahead. Don't forget warm clothes. 62 today. Rain maybe on Wed-Thurs.

        Other fun activities this coming weekend include a food and craft fair at Tiber Canyon Ranch in Arroyo Grande--local artisan foods, and crafts too. Tiber Cyn Olive Oil, Chaparral Gardens Vinegars, and Nibbles baked goodies from Los Osos.

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          Thank you for these! Something for everyone.

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              Thanks very much for the Wee Shack rec. I finally got there, but without the party of 12. Great burger & I loved the shake. Will definitely revisit!