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Nov 20, 2013 07:15 AM

Road trip from SLC, Utah to Rockville, MD-- vegetarian/healthy food along the way?

I'm relocating from SLC to Rockville with several planned stops across the country. Dinner will be eaten with friends at our stops in Denver, Manhattan KS, Memphis, and Cincinnati. Does anyone have lunch suggestions for middway between these stops? I am vegetarian. I'm especially worried about the kansas stretch--it's looking like there really just won't be much.

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    1. In St. Louis, Local Harvest Cafe would be a good option - .

      And surely you've learned about various Asian restaurants being vege-friendly. It's amazing how often they pop up in, if not small towns, then slightly larger ones, esp. if there's a college nearby.

      1. -Burger stand in Manhattan & Lawrence has very satisfying veggie burgers.
        - Lawrence is very veg friendly
        - Happy Gillis in KC has very good lunches, and interesting veg sandwiches
        - Ad Astra in Strong City, KS- open only on weekends