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Anyone interested in a Serious Sichuan Crawl ?........

Anyone interested in a Sichuan Crawl some time maybe after the holidays ?....
I don't mind driving one car..here's my plan itinerary...

JingChuan36, Chendu1, & Han Dynasty
The distance "between each" would give a nice digestive period to enjoy the next location....;-)




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  1. I'd absolutely welcome the central/southern NJ hounds and meet you at C1...

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      I thought we'd all meet at Jingchuan as its in a big parking lot in keyport and near the parkway then we all can hit all three locations together that is the point to compare, discuss, enjoy, the cuisines.
      Most like would take all afternoon.

      1. re: Tapas52

        Jing Chuan is actually in the Airport Plaza in Hazlet. You have to be careful about parking there for long periods of time, as there is a commuter parking lot across the street, and the Airport Plaza will tow.

      1. re: equal_Mark

        excellent Mark so that two so far .. ;-)

        Although we can adjust the trip being chendu1 to handynasty is about 1/12 hr drive,.....and do a handynasty trip again at another time also. jingchuan, to chendu1 is only 45 min.
        Just sayin.

      2. This is definitely not for me... i don't think my digestive system can handle 3 Sichuan meals within the same day.

        1. Hi Tapas52, we sent you an email this morning, and are not sure if you saw it. We ask planners of chowdowns to post an email address to that the RSVPs and details can be worked out offline, so can we ask you to do that here, and we'll lock this thread? Thanks!

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            if interested email me


          2. I'd be interested as well.

            1. I'm down too but that seems like a lot for one day! And all three are basically serving up the same food no?

              Might I suggest doing one of the three and adding thumbs up instead? That place has some unusual stuff that these three don't.

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                joonjoon which one are you talking about out of the 3?

                1. re: Tapas52

                  Doesn't matter to me but it would seem Jing Chuan would be a good choice due to proximity.

                  1. re: joonjoon

                    What about Thumbs Up as you suggested? I'd go to either.

                    1. re: joonjoon

                      I just thought the comparisons in cooking would be an interesting day out with friends... even though they say Sichuan they arent all the same.. but one at a time is ok by me.......han dynasty we've already conquered a few times and is by far OUTSTANDING!!

                      1. re: Tapas52

                        I would be up for a Sichuan feast at Jing Chuan. But with my new business and my family obligations, a longer day is hard to come by.

                        1. re: seal

                          If we're limiting this to one place, I would be interested as well. Plus they seem to make my favorite dish, Xio Long Bao.

                          1. re: sockster

                            I would be in for Jing chuan as well depending on the date. I've been hitting up several in the city recently so would love to see what NJ has to offer. I've heard the spots mentioned are all worth trying.

                          2. re: seal

                            I'm game to Chow down at Jing Chuan; Lets do this!

                            1. re: equal_Mark

                              Will someone (Tapas52?) pick a day/time or float a few possibilities?

                              I think this is a great choice since it's usually hard to try a lot of dishes if you go as a couple or small group.

                              1. re: taste test

                                NOVEMBER 30th ...This Saturday 1pm Jing Chuan sounds good to me..any takers?

                                1. re: Tapas52

                                  +3 for us. Are we supposed to be emailing or is it okay to respond by posting?

                                  1. re: taste test

                                    if interested email me



                                    see you all there This Saturday NOVEMBER 3rd ...... 1pm

                                    JING CHUAN


                                    1. re: Tapas52

                                      You mean November *30th*, don't you?

                                      1. re: eleeper

                                        sorry typo.....November 30th yes.

                                    2. re: taste test

                                      Don't understand the Mods obsession with keeping arrangement of gatherings off the boards. The discussions leading up to such events brings anticipation that is part of the enjoyment of them and allows those not attending to experience the meal vicariously.

                                      1. re: equal_Mark

                                        they were supposed to lock this thread and make arrangements via email?

                      2. This is still happening tomorrow?

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                        1. re: equal_Mark

                          I haven't heard otherwise. I'll b there.

                            1. re: equal_Mark

                              It was so nice to meet everyone...equal_Mark, Tapas52, Sockster, Evelyn and Mark….and to share a really great meal!

                              I've attached photos. Eight of us total (I brought my husband and father).

                              Sichuan Pork Dumplings
                              Dan Dan Noodles
                              Steamed Juice Bun (on menu) "soup dumplings"
                              Bang-Bang Chicken
                              Ox Tendon

                              Ants Climbing a Tree
                              Spicy Volcano Chicken
                              Sliced Lamb with Cumin
                              Pea Shoots -the waitress made us order a vegetable :-)
                              Sliced Angus Steak with Tofu
                              Dry Sauteed Diced Chicken with Triple Pepper

                              1. re: taste test

                                I have to say this was one of the best CH get togethers I have been to from start to finish!!...nice turn out 8pp and meeting Sockster, Evelyn and Mark, Taste Test & family, =Mark & myself. A Super Sichuan FEAST that was Phenomenal!!, we tasted so many great dishes as stated above WOW!!...After sitting down after 5 min it was like we were all Family, great conversation, fantastic food, laughs, good friends, what more can you ask for? All the dishes were all very good in their own way, some of the standout dishes for me were the Soup Dumplings, Sichuan Pork Dumplings,Ox Tendon never had it surprisingly delicious,Sliced Lamb with Cumin, everything else was superb also.. I didn't want it to end & we hope to do it again maybe next time at Shanghai Bun Matawan after the holidays. Jing Chuan food & service was outstanding!!Thanks to all who attended it was so much fun...
                                Happy Holidays!!

                                  1. re: Tapas52

                                    That looks like it was yummy...thanks for posting and for the pics! Now you all need to come north to try the same dishes at Chengdu 23 or Chengdu 1!

                                    1. re: Tapas52

                                      So great to hear that you all had such a wonderful time together!