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Cabbage recipes?

I got a beautiful head of cabbage in my CSA share this week, but I have no idea what to do with it. Roast it? I saw an Ina recipe to sauté it, so I may try that but wondering what other success you have had?

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  1. Marcella Hazan; not what we would call a soup, though.


    Jamie Oliver pasta dish; I use pancetta:


    More ideas here:


    1. It's really good just roasted with a little oil and salt. You could drizzle some red wine vinegar on it when it's done if you want.

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        When roasting i slice slim wedges with a bit of the core to keep it together- otherwise the individual leaves can burn. Just flip halfway thru

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          I've done it that way and also cut into about 8 thicker wedges (yes, with the core attached). I did the flip halfway on the wedges as well. I liked how I got some nice crispy outer leaves and soft insides...

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            Adding another recipe idea- ribolitta! I made this a while back and loved it- even better the next day

      2. I love it shredded in stir fries but my absolute favorite way is a riff on stuffed cabbage. I really like the Barefoot Contessa stuffed cabbage recipe but most of the time am too lazy to stuff individual little cabbage rolls. I basically make the original recipe but instead of stuffing the cabbage, I shred it, saute it to wilt, simmer it in the tomato sauce with cooked ground meat, then serve over rice.

        Original recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/in...

          1. We just braise it, it's delicious.

            Slice an onion thinly, and sauté in a pan w a cover in some hot oil or butter. Add the thinly sliced cabbage, some salt. Cover and let wilt down a bit. Then add some apple cider or chicken stock, about a cup, and let simmer. You can keep it covered or not, but just cook down until it's soft. Becomes velvety and sweet, delicious with pork chops or pork roast. We just had it this weekend.

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              Throw in some bacon, onions, vinegar and hot sauce and this is how we do it as well.

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                Yes, it's great sprinkled with apple cider vinegar & garnished with crispy bacon bits, yum!

            2. I love it in stirfries or just lightly sauteed on its own, seasoned with a little sesame oil and sriracha. I've also made a Thomas Keller recipe for stovetop braised cabbage with pistachios a few times that is quite tasty.

              1. We love it "Polish Style". Just slice a good-quality Polish Kielbasa sausage, and fry until brown. Then, remove the meat from the pan and fry up a sliced onion, a couple of cloves of garlic until soft. Add the cabbage, which has been thinly sliced, and fry until a bit carmelized and wilted down. Don't add any water, it's not needed. Stir back in the kielbasa until heated through.

                Finish with a couple of pats of butter, and optionally throw a few squirts of Tabasco (or Siracha) for some heat.

                Because we try to keep this a lower-carb dish, we omit the egg noodles which are sometimes added. However, it's delicious with the noodles too.

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                1. Make a nice slaw of cabbage, onion, cilantro, vinegar and ceyenne pepper and use it for fish tacos or on a tuna sandwich, or really any sandwich in place of lettuce.
                  Braised with onions and a nice sausage is one of my favorite ways.

                    1. When I was a kid, we had OLD people who lived nextdoor. They couldn't have been THAT old cuz had daughter who baby-sat is when she was around 13 or so.

                      The B's were originally from "the South"... when, don't have a clue. Mrs. B would make this fried cabbage dish that I stil make from time to time today. She'd cook several strips of bacon in a BIG cast iron skillet till rendered and crispy... would remove and crumble for later. Then she'd kinda stir fry chunked up cabbage in the bacon grease and brown bits... might hve added some onion too?? When it was done, she'd add the bacon back in and a good GLUG of vinegar... most likely just cider vinegar... nothing gourmet.

                      1. I used cabbage in my borscht, and in a Russian cabbage soup called Schi. I love curried cabbage or over pasta in a cream sauce. I also mix it w/ store bouget kraut, add onion, carrots and carraway seeds and bake it w/ a racjk of spare ribs in the center of the kraut. Stuffed rolled cabbage or Holupsi (golumpkies). Cut out the cabbager core stuff w/ spicy Greek ground lamb and steam it in 1/2" water or bake it, on a rack inside a cassarol and bake it.

                        1. Slice thin, stir fry with Indian spices.

                            1. I recently used our CSA cabbage to make stuffed cabbage rolls, as I also had some chopped meat and other veggies needing to be put to use. So yummy (obviously not vegetarian) on a cool night. Makes many servings so used a lot to add to our freezer meal stash. I used the recipe in the joy of cooking as a guide.