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Nov 20, 2013 04:48 AM

Lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) - more lemony than lemon

A colleague brought in a branch from her lemon myrtle tree for me and I made lemon myrtle tea from some of the leaves.

For a description of how to use the fresh leaves in tea:

The flavour is absolutely wonderful and the fresh leaves can also be used in place of kaffir lime leaves or lemongrass. In my research, I've even seen some thai restaurants claim that their customers prefer lemon myrtle as a seasoning over the more traditional kaffir lime leaves or lemongrass. It's been described as more lemony than lemon (but without the acidity) and this is because compared to lemon's citral content of 3-10%, lemon myrtle contains 90-98% citral.

I immediately wanted my own tree and am pleased to say that I got hold of one today. If you ever come across this plant, I say give it a try - it's my new favourite and I'm looking forward to using it regularly in my kitchen.

Are there any other chowhounds out there growing a lemon myrtle tree?

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