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Nov 20, 2013 04:27 AM

Chowhound Garden!

Can a Chowhound be a gardener? Compatible motivations, similar skills.

I have the aspiration to plant, tend and harvest a gourmet garden this spring, one which will multiply my dining enjoyment by providing fresher and tastier produce. It seems that the same dichotomy would apply to vegetables as to beef and pork: there are commercial breeds/varieties chosen for cost and storage considerations, and there are less-known breeds/varieties and methods which produce the superior dish.

SO...suggestions requested for 1) purveyors of superior seeds or plants; vegetables and herbs, and 2) books or other schemes of advice on best practices for best harvest. Thanks, Hounds.

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  1. Have you visited the CH Gardening board?

        1. A great resource is

          They have dozens of specialized forums at

          In your case, check out the ones on
          Vegetable Gardening
          Beginner Vegetables
          Garden Book reviews
          and any regional forums that apply to you.
          You sound like a southwest kinda guy, and they have both
          Southwest and Texas area forums.
          Their Garden Watchdog lists over 7000 seed and plant suppliers and rates the best ones by subscriber comments.

          You need to enroll to post to a thread, but guests can read most forums.

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          1. re: DonShirer

            Y'all have hit it outta the park!

            Didn't suspect the existence of a CH Garden Bd. Headed there now. Thanks, HJ.

            Next stop: Thanks, F.

            DS, you're right about Southwest (Kerrville, Texas) and I suspect right about davesgarden. Gonna love it. Thanks.

          2. Books

            The Gardener's Table