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Nov 19, 2013 08:56 PM

New Costco Brisket Sandwich


Just had Costco's new $4.99 BBQ Brisket Sandwich at the Hawthorne location food court it was surprisingly good. Generous meat and served with slaw on the sandwich. It would be much better if they steamed or heated the bun. Don't know what other locations have it yet but everyone at the Hawthorne store was trying it and liking it….but if you rather you can still get 3 Costco Hot Dogs or Polish Dogs for almost the same price.

  1. Here's what it looks like...

      1. Saw it on Saturday at the Greensboro, NC store too. Didn't try it but now I just might have to.

          1. It's available at the Van Nuys store. I'd like to try one but I want the cole slaw on the side. I saw one; it looked like a rather generous sandwich.